Albus Potter

This story is about Harry and Ginny's Son, Albus. He leaves to go to Hogwarts with his brother, James, and his cousin, Hugo. When they arrive, they are confronted with something not even supposed to exist.

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3. Platform 9 3/4

Albus watched Hugo as he emerged from the brick wall. "Woah, this place is cool!" Hugo said. Albus looked at him confused, then said, "Oh yeah, you have never seen this place before." Albus had seen this many times. Taking Teddy and James here for years to see them ride off. "I'm gonna go say bye to my mum and dad." Hugo said, still glancing at the train."Same" Albus replied. Albus walked to his parents and said, "I still don't have a name for her..." Harry glanced at the snowy owl, with sad eyes and finally said," I used to have an owl just like that. She was beatiful. She gave her life to save me. Her name was Hedwig." Albus looked sadly at his father and said, "Hedwig, that's her name. In honor of the best owl that lived." He gave both his parents a hug and said "I'm gonna miss you guys." Harry and Ginny looked at their son and said, "We'll miss you too, Al." The train whistled and started heading towards the train door where Hugo stood. "Write to us! Oh, and send Neville our love!" Albus looked at his mother and said, "Mum, I can't give a professor love!" Albus boarded the train and got into the compartment. Albus looked out the window just in time to see his dad, fall to the ground, clutching his scar.

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