Catlin, Robert and summer

The most paradoxy. Of the paradoxes ever known in my numerous stories...
If you are a doctor who fan, you will be crawling to me beggin me for this will explain everything since the story begins in 1963.(aka a long time ago)


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


    I drove the TARDIS (time and relevant dimension in space) over back to my house in the woods. I confronted my mother to tell her that I was leaving probably for a long time and that I am actually a princess and she was a queen and yada yada yada… That freaked her out and she didn’t want me to go out into the vast outside world of, well, anywhere. So naturally, I ran away.

  I also picked up a couple of companions along the way to keep me company. There was two young girls named Octavia and [Max.]*Authors Note*{if you like this name just type in yes in this blank--------} They seemed bright enough but could barely handle the corrupt science behind the TARDIS itself. (After all it’s basically another dimension.) I told myself.

I asked the old girl: The TARDIS, if she could conjure up  a room or two for the three of us to stay in while we went looking for my two fathers and my brother. Being the nice gal she is, she accepted. I don’t know what she did to my room or why, but she made my room entirely out of ICE! It did feel really nice though. Also, I had forgotten why my mom wouldn’t let me go outside into the winter area with cold days and nights… Now I know why. I turn BLUE when i’m in the cold.

She made up nice living quarters for Octavia, [Max], and I. Man! This box had everything you could possibly dream of! Well, she knew I was sad so she tried to fill my room with all sorts of trinkets collected over time. That didn’t help much, but it was quite the exhibit from like a museum. Octavia and [Max] got all of the entertainment value they could wish for, plus the unlimited amount of food acquired from around the galaxy. They were quite happy in this world. This place was all of our dreams altogether in one big ball of wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey-stuff.

That was just one way of describing this impressive way of living here. It has been almost a week that I had picked the two girls off of the side of the road. They were looking for a new way of life, and I was looking for my life. That connection sparked a healthy relationship between us three, and now we live together in a box.

Max is an AMAZING artist! She can draw almost anything you ask her to. Octavia, is the musical one and can play everything she can hear. We found out that the TARDIS also has an infinite number of rooms that can move from time to time depending on her mood. Time travelers that are flying halfway across the universe just to find the leader’s father. That’s who we are.

    Of course that’s who we are. We are on a mission, a mission to find my father. When we get to Jotunheim, EVERYBODY literally turns ice cold. Inches from death, I realize that i had to make a magical pact to make them my “slaves” (but they were not) so that they would not freeze to death. Once i made the magical pact and walked into the cold, I became the blue Frost Giant that i am.

    I blended right in. Instead of our plan to just walk into the king’s castle, I got noticed by everyone. They each gave me an ice-cold, and deadly stare. They know who I am. I am Catlin Laufeyson, princess of the Frost Giants. I shyly walk away and try to find my father.

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