Catlin, Robert and summer

The most paradoxy. Of the paradoxes ever known in my numerous stories...
If you are a doctor who fan, you will be crawling to me beggin me for this will explain everything since the story begins in 1963.(aka a long time ago)


2. Chapter One

Chapter One


Catlin Tyler is I. I am Catlin. My father had passed away when I was seven then he came back. Mr Smith. I am 19 now, and he didn't know that he had a daughter or a son. I did not know that I had a brother or step father I turn hence when the drama begins.

Professor John Smith is his name, I don't have a clue what he is a professor of exactly, but, he is a professor. He might be a doctor as well. When he came back at 12: 37.6 p.m. on October 3rd of 1978, my mother could not believe her eyes. “I thought you were gone for good John!” She exclaimed. “How did you find your way here? We moved 4 years ago!” Professor John spoke gently then to my mother. “My dear Blue Jay, I had to travel on my own around the world. I wrote letters to you explaining where and why I was going. I'm sorry to have left you here, but I had to leave right away.” My new father explained everything to his “Blue Jay” and when he was done, he finally got to me. “And who might you be tiny princess?” He asked me. I looked up at my new father / professor and softly spoke. “I am Miss Catlin Tyler and you must be my new father.”

Upon hearing the words father and new, he spun around to face my mom. “You must have thought I was truly gone.” He whispered. “I really did John, I swear, and I also see you have met your mmm... Stepdaughter?” My mom spoke timidly as if he were a ghost, but Professor John took no notice. “John, I need to tell you something else too. You and Catlin have never known, you were gone, & I was [protecting]? my daughter.”

Professor John and I were both raising our left eyebrows in unison. “Go on Blue Jay. He said out of curiosity. John, you have a son. So, Catlin, this means you have a brother.” (An older brother, great, just what I always wanted!) I thought. “So where is he then?” I asked. My mom hung her head, it was apparent that she did not know. I felt angry, and sorry, and felt pity towards my mom as well, for I did not know what my mom had gone through but not now. I tried to get my mind over that I had a stepfather and a half brother, I started to think my life had some sort of reason now. And I was right.

Sitting down next to my Father, I asked him if she told about my half brother. Believe it or not he actually answered my short question. “Catlyn, is it?” He asked. I nodded. “Well no, she never told me, but she was acting differently and I hated that. I never actually ever thought of having a family again. Not after what happened.”, and waved me off with this hand before I could. (Damn), I thought I was never going to know. (Also, my brother, who is he? What is his name? Why is he not here?) I guess I have a lot of questions about my new life and no one was going to answered me. Not anymore. Who?!

I went outside past the lake. My place. I never really got outside like most other children my age, but according to my mom it was safer to stay inside. She never mentioned that danger and adventure was in my blood however. I was also about to go exploring around my area when I heard a voice. I quickly spun around on the spot I was standing on and yelled. “Whoa, whoa, Cat!” False alarm, father. Just father. “Father, what are you doing here?” I asked. He heard the fear in my voice and stepped back. “Cat, it's okay to be frightened when life changes dramatically, and your life changed quite a bit.” I nodded. “I did not know that about this or this place by the lake either.” He said. “And if this is your space, so be it. I won't come back unless invited by you.” “Thanks I murmured. Father?” I asked. He smiled and answer shortly, “Yes princess?” “This is your place too.” I said this as I smiled and hugged him. “Thanks princess.” He said as we walked back toward the house.

The place was my idea, and he was my father. (What could go wrong?) I thought... My father and I had arranged to meet at that same place every Wednesday morning through night. All he did was talk about his travels around the world, but that did not bother me. I was actually begging him every time we went, to tell me. He did not mind either, he was happy that she didn't hate him. Most people did hate him. He never told me this though.

 He falls over, blacks out maybe? Then I hear him yelling in his [sleep]? Maybe? “Susan, no! Do not go!” I did not know who susan was, his mother? No. Definitely not his mother. I need to find mom or a doctor. I was almost paralyzed with fear, but then remembered my reasons and ran to fetch my mom. Luckily there was a doctor not 20 seconds away. He ran all the way to see my father. Like almost all doctors he checked the heart first. “My dear God!” he exclaimed. “I've never heard anything like this!”Then he fainted as well.

    “They lost. Everyone lost. They're all gone now. My family, my friends, even that sky.” He spoke these words then closed his eyes. Then slept. Never have I seen anyone sleep as long as my father?... Friend, on the ground of our house.

Two weeks later we found him into our pistachios sitting on the sofa with all of the pillows stacked on top then leaving only his head poking out of the middle. “Oh!” He said. “I was waiting for you! Come, it is bigger on the inside!” (Ok Dumbo, but, hey! Nothing is bigger on the inside unless you are a little kid!) “Ok, professor, are you doing okay? Do we need to call a doctor?” I asked. He replied quite cheerfully at this question. “I am a doctor! In fact I am the doctor.” “ Doctor Who?” I asked.

I raised an eyebrow at this. “What?” He asked. “Well then if you are the doctor , then what are you a doctor of exactly?” He blinked. “I do not know exactly?” (perky answer.) The only thing going through my mind right now was (kid.) “Everything!” He yelled at the telly. “Excuse me?” I asked. “Everything!” He answered. “I am a doctor of everything. I live in a box called the TARDIS, & I am a doctor of everything. I am A Time Lord.” (He has gone mental.) “Professor John, I think you need to lie down some more because you are getting a little bit loopy. Do you feel okay?” I asked. “I feel fantastic!” He exclaimed “Why?” He asked. “Because you know, you are acting strange. Real strange.” I said.

“When you look around you will see things look strange on the outside, but even stranger on the inside,” He reasons. (Now he was getting creepy.) “His name is Robert.” He blurted out. “Who?” I asked. “Your brother, my son. His name is Robert.” “Did you ask my mom? How do you know his name?” I asked. “I am a time traveler.” He told me. “I can feel his essence in my blood…” “I have a hard time believing that professor Smith. I have the top teacher in the whole world and time travel, isn't possible.” I said popping off. “Oh yes it is Catlin, I could show you!” He was almost yelling. “No!” Now I was yelling. “I can't! I can't, there is no force on earth, no way on Saturn, I would go with you! I don't ever care if you are my family, my father, or just a random stranger! I would not, or ever will not go with you!”

I was in complete and total tears curled up into a ball in the farthest corner away from him. I would have never wanted to really see him again, even if he was my father anyway. He was crazy and delusional. Never had I thought that I would have another father, or have a half brother either. I was so upset, I ran out the door with Professor Smith and my mother on my tail. I ran to the place I knew none of them could find me. Then i saw a 1960’s version blue Police Box.

(Weird.) I thought that it was strange being in the middle of the forest, as they were usually on the sides of the streets. I didn't really care though, it was the safest place I knew of other than a pond. There have been times where I could not find the box, but that was probably the way I turned. I am positive that it disappears though. I slowly walk around the box sort of petting it anyway. This wasn't a normal thing though it was soft like a mother's lullaby to a small child, she had feelings. I knew it was a she, because it had told me. It was like a strange magic box. I knew it like to me stroking the sides of her form. She made noises that I can strangely understand. She had inscriptions almost on her sweet smelling wood that words, just circles, but I could understand them.

It was very unearthly writing that I have seen before only once. When my father wrote his papers for travels. I sat down and facing the word space inscriptions translating them faster than any geographer could. Therefore told this. In the forest I lie, for to come, a curious traveler might find me. If such an encrypter may use this language of Gallifreyan knowledge, they are linked with a traveler of time by none of the blood but of marriage and loss of one member with the addition of 3 brothers 1 father 1 paradox brother, and the king of the ICE.

I read these inscriptions out loud pet the handle and away and she opened. Is there a secret code? I open the door all the way and saw the things interior. I guess at this side of wonder. It was bigger on the inside. Then the doors open behind me in there was professor Smith, my father.

    No!” I yelled I never knew this was yours. Mr. Smith, you can't take me with you, you are a giant new since you are not my father!” Screaming did not faze him. “Yelling at me doesn't work Cat.” He said as he smiled. “How did you get in here without a key?” He asked. “You have to have a key? She just opened for me.” I said. “Oh my Josh!” He exclaimed.

“So you mean I am a child of Gallifrey?” I asked. “Yes, & I am surprised that you can read Gallifreyan writing, you can encrypt it faster than I can!” He said. “We aren't blood related though, and your box is a she, it told me so. And also she had inscriptions almost carved into the side of her form. I read them out loud, brushed her handle lightly, and she opened.” I said. “Inscriptions? There are no Gallifreyan words on my TARDIS, not that I put there!” He exclaimed. We walked around the box slowly. The inscriptions had disappeared. “Does she do things on her own?” I asked. “Maybe just maybe Cat, I don't know why you are Gallifreyan or of their knowledge, but we need to figure this out.” “Father? Do I have two hearts as well?” I asked him and walked into the big box. I do not know Cat, but we can check.”

He put his hand in the air and grabbed something I could not place. He pulled his arm down and out came a television screen. He used the laser doohickey thingy and pressed the button. I had two hearts! Then it changed! I yelled out. “My hearts changed to one heart, then went back again!” I was so into hypershock. “Cat calm down, now why would your heart's change to 1? Unless... Unless what?” I asked. “Unless you are half Human, and have Time Lord.” He answered. “How am I half Time Lord? I asked. “Time Lords, have two hearts that don't change to one. Humans only have one. You have two when you were excited or angry, and one when you were scared to one. You are the middle of the two. You should be genetically impossible, but you're not. Universal codes can you put together and form either Time Lords, which don't exist anymore, and humans. You are a code morphed into one. Universal code made you and not genetic, therefore, you are half.

Universal codes are about one-fourth of genetic codes in general. He explained. I am half Time Lord, I come from the planet Earth, and I time travel with my father. I used to think he was crazy and bewildered, but he's the coolest dad I've ever had. I might have found my sense of adventure now, (Rose - love him, she is the exact same description as…) “Dad.” I said.

“What Cat?” He asked. Is there something wrong? What did I miss?” He said. “Dad, do you know a woman named Rose, Rose Tyler?”  I mentioned her name and he looked a slight bit  ill. “Yes I do Cat, I do know a woman named Rose Tyler, she is your grandmother and used to travel with me. Then the Cybers came and opened a portal against the Daleks and waged a war between two evils, opened the portal, and she closed within. I never saw her since. I did not know that I had married her child, until we were a little older.  Now who wants to go inside of a video game?” He asked. I nodded my head no. “No?, well, where do you want to go then?” “Is the pond an option?” I asked. “Yes Cat, the pond is an option.” He answered, and off we went.

“Do you have a radio? Or a CD player?” I asked. “Yeah, what do you want to hear? Nickel Creek, tale of a lighthouse.” I answered to him. And that's exactly what I heard. “I am a lighthouse warn against weather and the waves.  I was so happy with joy and the left of the last.” I sang to myself quietly at the pond. “Shut up dad!, you have different matters to attend to other than popping off.” I said, otherwise, I didn't really want to hear him making annoying jokes about my hearts. “Dad, let's go find Robert.” “Are you sure?” He asked. “Do you want to go now?” “Yes Doctor.” I answered.

Later on the way to Robert, a young horse came out in the TARDIS and greeted us. In the TARDIS! My father explained to me that his name was Alonzo and he acquired him on his journey with my grandma Rose. He said that her and her boyfriend Mickey the idiot went to an abandoned station and met some person, Madame de Poopador? Something about brains as well, but I stopped listening after a while.

I was shaking, his whole box was shaking, and the horse was going nuts. “We... Has head... B...!” He exclaimed. “It might have busted the circuits! Dad! Give me control, I have a strange feeling I know how to drive this thing!” I yelled. He gave me control and I drove it so smooth that I couldn't feel a thing. “Cat, how are you flying the TARDIS through a black hole gravitational fields that are stronger than Venus!? Let me check the circuits, I need them.” He yelled. You couldn't hear anything it was silent, and yet he still yelled. I waved my hand over the circuits training and invisible force fixed them. “Catlin, what's your middle name!?” He asked me. “Elizabeth, Elizabeth J Tyler!” I shouted back at him. “Okay, great, Catlin Elizabeth J Tyler! He yelled at me. “Coming I said as I drag my feet.

What, Dad!?” I yelled below the staircase. I need you now! He answered. Fine!, I said walking downstairs. (Yes there is a downstairs on the TARDIS!) “Cat, I fried the circuits but they're not fried. Do you know how this happened?” I was starting to look like a guilt trip. “No.” I said, and ran away. And on the way, I stepped in horse poo. “Alonzo!” I shrieked.

“I need some new converse dad, Alonzo gunked up my old ones.” [The horse grunts.] “Sure, let me take you to the wardrobe, but you will surely love it there.” As we walked up to the wardrobe, I felt a big sense of amazement, this place was huge. Very huge. There are clothes and shoes everywhere, along with the seven foot tall and big closet full of nothing but …”Sand Shoes” he said. I picked out my favorite color, TARDIS blue. They fit perfectly, strange feeling they had though, as if they were someone else's. “Were these someone's other than mine?” I asked.

“Cat they were your father's.”

“You have never met him.” I said. “Both you and I  have met him Cat. His name is Loki.” He said. “Loki Laufeyson.” “You lied to me! If Loki is my father then who are you?” I asked. Professor Smith went over and pressed a few buttons on the Tardis console and gold, flashing light flew everywhere. “My name is Robert Smith. He said let's go find my father.” The once called Mr. Smith had changed into my brother. “What just happened.?” I asked. “That little sis is called the Chameleon Circuit.” “Don't you dare call me a little sis Robert Smith! I thought you were my father, I thought my other father was dead! Now you are saying that both of my fathers are alive and lost and I am a giant blue Frost Giant?!”

“I am a giant blue Frost Giant now let's go find my fathers.” I said. I normally don't say things that are pure rage but today was a bad day. I wanted to show my work to my REAL father. “Heck I probably had two hearts because I was part Norse god. Why would Loki be my God? I mean Dad. Why would he give me up? Have I ever even met him? Robert are you even my brother?” I said last looking up at him. No Cat I am not your brother. He said. I am merely a hologram set by the TARDIS main controls. The Doctor and Robert Smith were and are under attack as we speak. I was assigned to give you, a translator of Gallifreyan, the job of finding and bringing them back here.

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