Catlin, Robert and summer

The most paradoxy. Of the paradoxes ever known in my numerous stories...
If you are a doctor who fan, you will be crawling to me beggin me for this will explain everything since the story begins in 1963.(aka a long time ago)


1. Prologue

             It has been long since I left home and found that I had a brother. His name?, Robert Smith. He is my half brother actually, we share the same mom. Sarah Jay Tyler is our mums name, slightly famous from her mom, Rose Tyler.

        My grandma Rose travel all over the world with a mysterious man named The Doctor. Sometimes she would be gone for minutes and years even. And even being trapped in an alternate universe never stopped her.Few years later she met my grandpa Noel. Grandpa Noel choseTyler instead of his old last name. And to my knowledge, grandma Rose never even knew what his last name was. Three years passed and my mom Sarah was born. After college she took the hand of John Smith and later had Robert. Apparently John Smith had a record of leaving his wives for a long time then later returning on accident. She had to get Robert away on business before she married my father who also had no last name. Therefore, our name is Tyler once more.

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