Evie has a secret.
She starts a blog that not even her family knows about. but then, she get's whisked away to California where she meets rock god hotty Jace Flynn. But Jace also has a secret. A secret that could completely uncover Evie's secrets.


1. 9 months ago...

This writing is the normal story.

This writing is Evie's blog.


Hello world!

I've decided t start a blog.

This blog.

You are probably wondering why.

Well, you see, my dad told me I should try and write a diary but a started like 2 entries and I gave up. I didn't really put in much effort into them. They went something like:

'Rained today, had school. It was boring. Night'

Not exactly what you'd expect is it? I knew that no one was going to read them anyway. I wanted to write something like a diary but where someone, anyone can read. No matter who they are or where they are. So, my best friend Wiki (that's not his real name btw I just called him that because he knows everything and I cant share anyone's name on the internet), suggested to write a blog so that everyone can read and that I can have my own corner of the internet. So, that's a bit about me. I will try to post frequently and don't forget to comment! Except for haters!

Going out! xxx
















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