Say It Loud, Say It Proud

Scream it through the page, scream it through the screen. Scream it in the words and the full stops, scream it until your laptop shatters with passion. You are you, and you should be proud.


1. Explanations/Rules

Say It Loud, Say It Proud


How It Works: Express yourself through several different formats. You can either write a poem, write a song (you can record it if you want), film you performing spoken word (no time limit), write a short story (min 100 words, max 500), create a piece of artwork (any kind), take some photos that show your expression or any other way you know how to express.


How To Submit:

[Poems, Written Songs, Short Stories]: Once you have written your piece, send it to me through the email You can write it out on a Word Document or Powerpoint and attach those documents to the email or simply copy and paste your piece into the email. Please no PDFs.

[Artwork, Photos]: Once you have taken a photo(s) of your piece (if you have created art, please take a photo), send it to me through the email You can either put the photo(s) on a Word Document or Powerpoint and attach the documents to the email or just attach the pictures in jpeg. format to the email. Please no PDFs. You are welcome to put them on your own website or blog and as long as I can retrieve them from there, please feel free to copy and paste the link into the email for me to check out.

[Spoken Word, Recorded Songs]: Record your piece and edit it. Since most video files are too long to attach to an email, please upload your piece to Youtube then email me the link to If you have any issue with this, please tell me in the email.

If you're doing a spoken word piece, you can also copy and paste or attach a Word or Powerpoint document of your speech written out. If you're doing photos or art, you can attach a Word or Powerpoint document or copy and paste an explanation to accompany your piece.

Rules: You can submit more than one piece. You can either create several of the same formats (eg. three poems) or several different formats (eg a song, a story and a poem). You can include them all in one email or all in separate emails but please be aware each piece will have an individual chapter.

If you use any names of anyone within your piece, if you do not have permission, change their name.

Swearing is permitted, but with a limit. Please refrain from extreme words and try to include as little as possible. I will put at the top of the chapter if there is any swearing within the piece.

Please be aware that I may change parts of your poem/story/song. YOUR PIECE WILL NOT BE DRAMATICALLY OR DRASTICALLY ALTERED. Whether it be editing a swear word so it has asterisks, or some other form of editing, your piece's content will not be changed in any way.

Please refrain from being too graphic or including anything particularly rude. I understand your expression, but sexual scenes must not be graphic and to a minimal level please. If you have any issues with this rule, please tell me that within the email.

Comments involving hatred on this Movella towards anyone's piece will be deleted. This project is for self-expression and to help people, not for them to receive hate.


Some of these pieces may be triggering. This project is meant to help, but if you do feel any negative emotions that you understand may have a bad effect on your health or you, please close the browser and relax yourself. Thank you and stay safe.

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