Dear diary <3

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  • Published: 19 Dec 2015
  • Updated: 13 Mar 2016
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Dear diary - school bullying, rich parents, keeping to herself.
Will there be a happy ending?


16. Day 15 - Feeling better

Dear diary

The unthinking scenario was happening. The things I never thought would ever happen, is actually happening. My parents are actually kicking back at times, to make sure I'm okay and everything is going good in school. No one have said a bad thing to me and actually want to be my friend. They've figured out that I'm a human being, not just an object for them to kick down, whenever they feel bored or want something entertaining. At first it felt so weird, like they were planning a surprise attack. But they haven't and I really hope they won't. It would kill me if they did. But for once, I feel like I belong here and deserve to live. The voices are not as steady as they used to be a few months back. But I'm still fighting the urge to cut myself and still taking pills for my depression. But it's getting better - slowly, but steady. Small steps. I kind of have a lot of plans for the next long time. I've got friends who want to hang out and the jerks who were mean to me, have invited me to parties and even more hangouts. So I'm finally a part of the school and I want to be there. To be true - I'm feeling happy.

XOXO - Zoey

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