Dear diary <3

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  • Published: 19 Dec 2015
  • Updated: 13 Mar 2016
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Dear diary - school bullying, rich parents, keeping to herself.
Will there be a happy ending?


15. Day 14 - Freedom


The day I've been so afraid of, arrived. Oh, well. I knew it was coming anyway, so I don't even want to 'cause any kind of drama. Just live my life as a mental misfit, who went away for a while. But in a way, I feel different. Better than I was, before I went in there. So weird. Is that possible? Maybe. But it usually doesn't happen to me. Only hell have been happening, since they day I was born. My parents have hated me, the entire school still hates me and the teachers doesn't even know who I am. Just as a name on the list, with no face on it. But I'm kind of used to it by now. I now have a tactic, so I can avoid the other students as much as possible. Let them know that their little victim isn't going to react and they'll be bored and eventually stop. I hope anyway. It's the best plan I've got so far. Let me be honest - it's the only plan I've got at all. I honestly don't know what else to do. They've been terrorising me for years and whatever I've done, haven't been helping. So for now, I've got this. My parents finally know what's going on and why I've been reacting they way I did. Now they know they've got a daughter that's screwed up like hell that's been going the wrong way. But I haven't decided if they have something to do with it, but in a way they do. They've been buying my love with too much money and not enough attention.

Bye for now - see you next time


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