It's Time |A.I|

"You promised you'd never give up, Adelaide." Ashton whispered, voice cracking slightly. "You promised me you wouldn't."

{You can't make a promise you can't keep. But Adelaide did anyway}


6. 06

Chapter Six


Clavicle: technical term for collarbone.

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀


"I had a really nice time today, thank you." I looked up from my hands, done fiddling with them for the time being. Ashton and I were parked in my driveway; he was waiting for me to get out. For some reason I didn't want to. I wanted this moment to last forever. However, I didn't know why.

"You are very much welcome." His dimples poked his cheeks as he smiled wide. Jesus, you could fit the whole Grand Canyon in those things. Ashton looked over to my door, "I think someone is waiting for you." He motioned to my father who just so happened to walk right on the front porch.

I rolled my eyes, "Of course there is." Unbuckling my seatbelt, my hand reached the door handle.

"Wait.." Ashton said, grabbing my attention. He looked somewhat nervous with what he was trying to say. "We should do this again sometime, yeah?"

I nodded my head. "Of course." I watched Ashton start his engine and pull slowly away. I didn't start walking towards my dad until his car was just a speck on the horizon. "Dad, why were you watching me?" I asked, irritated that he would even think about keeping an eye out for me. I was nineteen for heavens sake.

"Hey, don't give me that attitude! I am your father and it's my job to make sure you're safe." He paused for a moment and then continued, "And I wanted to make sure this 'guy' wasn't going to try and funny business with my little girl."

"Dad, I'm nineteen. I know what to do if someone were to force themselves on me. And besides," I crossed my arms over my chest. "Ashton would never do that, he's too nice."

"Hey Lemonade, you never know what any boy is capable of." My father ruffled my hair a little, making me scowl.

"It seriously took me three minutes this morning to do my hair, can you not?"

Chuckling, he left the hallway we were occupying. "Oh, and don't forget your mother and I are having some dinner guests." Too late, I already forgot. I sighed, walking up the carpeted stairs. They creaked under my weight and even though they were just stairs, they made me feel slightly self-conscious. Wow Adelaide, way to let stairs ruin your good day. I threw my bag on the floor as soon as I entered. Today was an exhuasting day, but also fun. More exhuasting,but still pretty awesome I guess. Thanks to Ashton.

I loved his eyes, I liked the way his dimples pierced his cheeks when he smile at something he finds funny, and I loved the way his mouth moved with each syllable he pronounced. His accent, his hands; he had me swooning by merely nothing. All the things he could do today just swirled throughout my brain. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts. We don't need fantasies about a co-worker. That's a recipe for disaster. But nonetheless, I couldn't stop myself from stumbling on his image imprinted in my mind. He was so nice and ecstatic about the little things and made me giddy when we were working together. He was just so perfect. Even though this was our first time working together.

But the sad thing is.... I don't think he knows it.

"Honey!" My mother yelled throughout the house. "Will you help me with dinner?" The way her voice rattled the house made me cringe. Jesus mother, haven't you heard of walking up the stairs and ask me?

I mumbled incoherrant words as I groaned. "Why do I have to help you?"

"Because your father is in the garage and I gave birth to you."

Is that even a reason to make your daughter do something? "Who's coming over tonight?" I asked. My mom handed me our fancy China dishes. They were a beautiful glassed white; swirls all around the edge making it look like they came from Italy. Knowing us, it probably did come from Italy.

"Just some of your fathers' co-workers I guess. I forgot their name, really."

"Oh." There were seven chairs situated around our dinning room table. We rarely sat in here. It was used for fathers' fancy dinner parties, or when my mother decides to be 'posh'. "They really have a big family, don't they?" I asked no one in particular. My mothers' voice rang out from the kitchen.

"Yes, I suppose they do." She came out with wine glasses in her hands. "We can never go wrong with a little wine. Set those over there, please." My mother instructed, "And make sure the lights are set just right." Her commands never seem to phase me. She tries too hard to be perfect, and when she fails, she fails hard. I was not prepared for tonight. I hate talking, I hate meeting new people and acting like a perfect princess for my dads' satisfaction. Half of the people he brings home are either snobby rich folks, or poor people who think they have everything. Don't take that the wrong way, I'm lucky to have the money I do right now. But it's another thing to be poor, and another to act rude. The same goes for the rich assholes.

The dining room was beautifully crafted with white walls and red drapes hanging ever so elegantly over the giant windows. Just this one room would make you feel like you were in a palace. The chandelier was dimly lit, not like a date setting but a peaceful one. It casted a low glow over our China plates. Red napkins, silver spoons and forks crowded the table in such a way that you didn't want to move them. Five candles were lit right in the middle of the mahogany table. The site would make anyone have an eyegasm.

Wait... Is that even a thing? I shrugged, and made my way back upstairs to at least try to make myself somewhat presentable.

As I walked in, a purple dress on my bed caught my eye, accompanied by a pair of black, sparkly shoes. I know for a fact this was my mother's doing. She loved anything and everything that glittered in the light. She was obsessed.

I slowly slipped on my dress. The fabric was silky against my skin and shaped my body like i've never seen clothing do before. The dress was one strapped, and it came over my right shoulder; a black rose lay right between my clavicle and neck. A belt with different sized diamonds wrapped around my abdomen. Some were scattered to make flowers, others were scattered randomly. The dress itself was so mesmerizing; beautiful.

"Oh darling." My mom said, coming up behind me. Her eyes glittered with tears as I gazed at her throught he mirror. "You're so gorgeous, Lemonade."

I smiled a genuine smile, I have never felt so close to my mom before this moment. I felt like I was getting ready for prom, or my wedding. I've never been to either of them so this is a new experience.

"Let me help you with your hair." I obliged, letting her work her magic. She went to school to be a hairdresser. Never got passed the second semester. I felt bad knowing I was the reason. She wrapped my hair this way and that, I couldn't tell what was happening. Two strands were left on either side of face. "Stay still, darling." She grabbed the curling iron that happened to be on, which I didn't know how because I never put it on, and curled each strand to perfection. "There." I was getting ready to turn around to take a look, but mom stopped me. "WAIT!" She nearly gave me a heartattack.

"Sorry, sorry. Just one more thing." Her one more thing turned into several shades of eyeshadow, possibly seven shades of blushes and I don't even know what else. I wasn't really a makeup person to say the least. "Okay, now you can look."

I took in a gasp of air. It wasn't me in the mirror, I was looking at a reflection I didn't recognized. My green eyes stood out even more with the black eyeshadow and liner. Glitter surrounded the inner corner. "Mom..." I whispered, shocked. "I look... I look."

"Breathtaking." She finished for me as I couldn't find the words to say.

"Wow, thank you." I gave her a big hug, one she has not recieved in a very long time.

"Hurry up now, they're here." Grabbing my shoes and slipping them on I walked swiftly down the stairs.

"Hello, welcome to the Banks Mannor." Wow, Dad way to make us sound stuck up. I almost rolled my eyes.

A beautiful, young woman, a little older than my mom walked through the threshold along with three other kids. A mop of curly dirty blond locks caught my attention. My mother smirked in my direction. She knew! "Ashton?" I spoke, bewildered. "What on earth?"

"How are you liking America?" My Dad asked the Irwins' across from him. He showed nothing but grattitude for the Irwins' and that made me happy.

Mrs. Irwin cleared her throat, "It's been good. A lot different from Australia, it's defintetly cooler here than back home."

My father nodded his head, clinking his fork on his dinner plate; shovelling mashed potatoes in his mouth. He knew all too well the difficulties of moving one place to another. Before we came to the states, we lived in Europe. We've moved more than ten times. My father's job had us moving all over the place. After Mr. Styles had made an official building in the United States, we decided to move with him.

My mom's voice was heard throughout the commontion of forks scraping on our plates and the gulping of our mouths as we swallowed. "So Ashton, I heard you're also wroking for Harry?"

"Yes, it's been an honor to be working for a man so important in the business  life. I'ts not really fun, though." Ashton paused and took a look at me from his spot across. "Only because Adelaide is there."

I scoffed, "oh please, you pratically begged me to go out for coffee with you. And it wasn't even coffee!"

Ashton's eyes crinked, the sides mouth curling to form a delicate smile. "Keep telling yourself that, honey."

My fathers eyebrows rose in a questioning manner. "So this is the boy you were with earlier?"

"Yup!" A small smile crept onto my lightly glossed lips.

"Darling," my mom interrupted. "If you could help me with the dishes?"

I collected each plate with ease and made my way into the archway to the kitchen. "I knew you'd like that boy."

"I do not!" I was startled by her bluntness. I certainly did not like him.

"Oh please," she rolled her eyes. "You were practically drooling when you guys met in the elevator." My face heated at the mention of drooling. The flashback from this morning hit me like a wave.

"We just met, mom."

"Love doesn't involve time, Lemonade."



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