It's Time |A.I|

"You promised you'd never give up, Adelaide." Ashton whispered, voice cracking slightly. "You promised me you wouldn't."

{You can't make a promise you can't keep. But Adelaide did anyway}


4. 04

Chapter Four


My body wasn't used to waking up at six in the morning, anymore. Not since graduating last year. I've come accostumed to waking up around noon, depending on what time I went to bed the night before; or even the day of. I have an unhealthy sleeping schedule. Yawning and slipping out of my sacreed home of blankets and pillows, I made my way to my closet. I had no idea what to wear. Do I wear something fancy, casual, or something completely ridiculous? Deciding to go with something somewhat casual, I aimlessly flipped through various hangers that held my t-shirts and jeans. "Oh, c'mon! Why when I have something important to do I have nothing to wear?" I asked myself, sighing. I hate life. After five minutes of searching I finally came across clothing that looked semi-decent. Taking the fabric off their hangers, I walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

The hot water burned my back as I jumped in. It took every ounce in my body not to scream out in pain. The shower water is either Antarctica or the fiery depths of hell, there is no in between. I gripped my pink bottle of shampoo, squeezing some into my hand; it making a funny sound. The smell of strawberries and vanilla invaded my sinues; it smelled so good. Within twenty minutes, I was finished.

I zipped my brown boots up swiftly before putting a black cardigan over my white, prestine shirt. Hopefully this outift will be okay. Checking the time, it read 'seven-O-clock'. I have about an hour left before I need to leave."Goodmorning, Lemonade. Are you almost ready to go?" My father asked, coming down the stairs startling me.

"Yeah, just got to eat breakfast now."

My father walked to our fridge and took out a carton of eggs. "Want an omelet?"

"Yes please."

"Have fun at work!" My father whispered, before gently patting my back. We took our separate ways as we walked into the lobby. Nerves were bubbling in my stomach and I feel like I'm about to throw up that omelet.

Knowing where to go, I made my way to the elevator doors and pushed in the 'up' button. Every inch I moved, the more I became anxious. I wonder what he's going to have me do. "Oh hey, Adelaide right?" I looked to the person who had spoken and immediately recognized him.

"Hey, yeah that's me." I smiled big. At least now I don't need to do this by myself.

"So, do you work here?"

I nodded my head. "Yes. Actually, I just got hired yesterday on the spot. This will be my first day."

"Oh that's cool! Are you working for Styles?"

"Yeah." I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, my nerves becoming worse. I don't think it was because it's my first day of work, though.

"Oh sweet, I am too!"

I didn't answer as I didn't know how to. All I know is, I'm glad I don't to be by myself. I have so much anxiety, I feel like I don't belong.It's scary doing new things alone.

The elevator stopped and it's doors opened, Ashton and I stepping out together. "Well, good luck Addie." Ashton said, patting me on the back. "Don't mess up now."

"I can't promise you anything."

Ashton and I walked into Harry's office. He was sitting in his dark leather chair, expecting us to come in at any given moment. His emerald green eyes fixated on me. "Hello, Adelaide." He greeted with a chesire smile; dimples indenting both his cheeks. His smile was sincere, it made all the girls swoon; including me. Ashton coughed next to me and Harry's smile faltered. "Good day to you too, Mr. Irwin."

Harry gave Ashton and I paperwork we needed to fill out. He was trying to get a record deal with a new band. "I wonder if they'll take it. The deal, I mean." Ashton said, writing something on the sheet in front of him.

"Me too, to be honest."

"We should go out sometime, yeah?" The question startled me. Go out? No one wants to go out with me. I'm an outcast, a nobody.

"Is this a joke?"

His eyebrows furrowed. "No, why would this be a joke? I think you're pretty cool and being friends will help us work together better."

Oh... He wanted to be friends. Wow, way to jump to conclusions Adelaide. "Yeah sure, why the hell not." It was this time I decided to look at my surroundings. The room we occupied was plain and small. I didn't know how one place could be so big, but hold such small rooms. The chairs were uncomfortable to sit in and overall, this was pretty shitty. "Do we do anything other than paper work?"

"Yes, sometimes. If you're lucky."

I groaned. "This is so boring!"

Ashton giggled beside me. Oh my God, this boy just giggled. He fucking giggled, and it was adorable. Oh my god. "We'll be done in no time, love."

The idea of an attractive male calling you 'love' is the most hottest, cutest thing ever. Just hearing his Aussie accent pronounce the work love was more beautiful than flowers. Ashton had his eyes focused on the small printed paper in front of him, reading over the rules for the bands' contract. I took this vulnerable state to really take a look at his beauty. His golden locks of hair was short, but curly. Dark shadows from his eyelashes were casted along the length of his under eylids; his eyes burning a deep shade of green right at this moment. The way his dark shirt wrapped around his muscles and torso could make any girl wet by just looking at them. Ashton was eye candy.

"You're drooling."

I snapped out of my daydream and put my hand to my mouth. I was, in fact, drooling. A shade of pink settled onto my skin. I cleared my throat awkwardly. "Um. I was... I was thinking about doughnuts. Yeah, doughnuts... That's why I was drooling." Ashton laughed at my lame cover up, his eyes crinkled at the sides. He knew I was checking him out. The redness of my cheeks blew my cover.

"Yeah, sure. Doughnuts." He moved his middle and pointer finger up and down, sarcastically. The blush on my cheeks rose to a darker shade of red.

"Will you stop that?" I groaned, slapping his arm. This man was absolutely insane.

"Stop what?" His irises glowed a shade of green I have never seen before. It was probably because we just met, but nonethless still looked different than other times.

"Nothing. Let's get back to work."

"Hey mom," I talked through the phone. "Is it okay if I hangout with a friend before I come home? I'll have a ride back." The other side was silent as I awaited her response. Nerves started to bubblie within me  and I didn't know why. "

Yeah, I guess. Be back before five, though because dinner will be done."

I nodded my head yes and the realised I was on the phone. "Okay. Thanks mom." Ashton led me to his car; he had parked all the way in the back. "Seriously?", I asked. "You really need to park this far away?"

Ashton turned to look at me. "Yes."

I sighed. God damn it, Ashton. I hate walking, I hate exercising. I would mcuh rather be eating pizza than walking to a car. Ashton pulled out silver keys out of his jean pocket and unlocked the car doors. Before I even had a change, Ashton swiftly opened up my car door. "After you, m 'lady."

My eyebrows rose in amusement. "Fancy I see, huh?"

"Oh shutup. You're going to end up loving it anyway." Maybe he was right.

The roads were packed with different models of cars, all beeping at each other as if it would make things go faster. "Ashton are we there yet?" I whined.

"Calm down, Adelaide. We just left." The cars started moving once again and I silently thanked the Lord above.

At the intersection, Ashton turned right and soon we were in the 'bad' part of town. It wasn't necessarily bad, but it made me slightly uncomfortable. Finally, we pulled onto the side of the road. A big ice-cream shop was right across from us. "An ice-cream place? Oh, man this was so worth the wait!"

A petite woman who appeared to be in her twenties brought us ove to a boothe at the back. She popped her bubblegum every few secconds, smacking her cherry red lips together. I already knew she was going to be a hard one. Her blue eyes scanned over me and then over to Ashton. A smile crept onto her face and I knew what was going to happen. "What can I get you, sir?" The woman asked, seductively, making sure her cleavage showed more than it was already.

"Just a banana split, please." She nodded and wrote his order on the tiny slip she carried. And then she walked off, without asking for my order.... Oh.

"Well that was uncalled for," I huffed. "I wanted ice-cream." Before I had any time to continue, Ashton had gotten up from his seat.

"Excuse me, ma'am but it seems that you've forgotten to take her order." The pretty prom queen smacked her lips once more, driving me insane. She looked me up and down for the tenth time. It's only been ten seconds since she last saw me. What could have possibly changed?

"Oh sorry, how could I forget?" The sound of her six inch heels made loud clacking as she made her way to our table for the second time. "What would you like?"

Before I could think, I blurted out the thing I was thinking. "I'd like you to get a new attitude." I gave her a sincere smile, "And also, I'd like a banana split too. Thanks." She walked off, swaying her hips to get Ashton's attention which he did not grant.

Ashton's face started turning purple as I continued to look at him, wide-eyed. "What the hell is your problem?"

Ashton tired to answer, but the only thing that came out was a loud laugh. "That.. was brilliant! You're a fucking genuius! Show me your ways, master."

"Oh... Kinky." I said, winking.

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