The Mocking Jay (ON HOLD)

Batman's youngest protégé, Jaylen Wayne, adopted sister to Dick Grayson A.K.A. Robin, and adopted daughter to Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman.
Joins The Young Justice League, the same time Meagan does.
Will the team accept her? Will they think she's weak because she's ten? Will they think she's strong?
Read and find out.


3. Trust issues.


Jaylen's POV~~~

I was in the training room, I needed to do acrobatics, so I took my phone, and plugged it into my speaker.

Once the music played I started, but little did I know the team was watching the whole time!! (The video at the top, is NOT mine!!)

~After the performance~

Once I finished I heard clapping, so I turned my head sharply to see the whole team looking at me wide eyed.

"Where did you learn to do that?!" Wally asked shocked, and I got up and shrugged.

"It used to be my job to do that." I told him simply, then I realized that I said something about my past.

"Used to be? What happened?" Super asked me, and I glared at him.

"I rather not talk about it." I said starting to walk away.

"Why don't you just tell us, we'll find out sooner or later." He pushed, and I got really mad.

"Why don't you tell me where you came from, Superman doesn't have a kid." I said smirking knowing that got him mad.

"Shut up." He told me.

"Then maybe you should stay out of my business." I suggested, and walked away.

~At dinner~

"So Mocking Jay, tell us something about yourself." Meagan said, and I looked at her amused. "I mean if you want to." She said quickly.

"Alright, what do you want to know?" I asked shocking everyone! Even Robin, maybe it's because when I first met him, I didn't talk to him at all, just glared at him. But hey! Our families- NOPE NOT TALKIN' ABOUT IT!!!

"Um, how about what you like?" She suggested.

"Music, acrobatics, fighting, training, and dancing, I guess." I said, I guess I could open up to them, I just can't get too close, I can't let that happen again.

"Can't let what happen again?" Rob asked me, and I looked to him.

"What?" I asked, and they just looked at me funny.

"You were thinking out loud. What can't happen again?" He asked again.

"How much did I say?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"You just said, 'I can't let that happen again.' What can't you let happen again?" He asked once more.

"Wally eat all the food again! I mean, I'm a growing girl! I need food!" I said then I got some more food on my plate.


A/N: That's all for today, but what do you think Jay is hiding? Well, read and find out!!!

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