The Mocking Jay (ON HOLD)

Batman's youngest protégé, Jaylen Wayne, adopted sister to Dick Grayson A.K.A. Robin, and adopted daughter to Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman.
Joins The Young Justice League, the same time Meagan does.
Will the team accept her? Will they think she's weak because she's ten? Will they think she's strong?
Read and find out.


9. Training Disaster

A/N: Okay....So I may be making a sequel for this story, where the sequel is in the second season....But I might not because I just finished watching that season on Netflix, and cried. Not gonna say anything if you didn't see that season yet, but I will tell you this, you will cry. A lot.. Anyways, on with the story.


After we got back from ice cream, we had training with BC (Black Canary)

"Ready for training everyone?" She asked, then M'gann noticed BC and Martian Manhunter there.

"Black Canary! Uncle J'onn!" M'gann exclaimed then ran up to her uncle and gave him a hug.

'No, don't think about it Jay.' I thought, I went up to Black Canary and gave her a hug as well. What? She's like a mother to me.

"M'gann, I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd see how you were adjusting." MM (Martian Manhunter) said.

"A few bumps, but I'm learning."

"That's all I ask."

"What about you huh?" Canary asked me, I didn't say anything, soon I felt like someone picked me up.

"AH!" I screamed, then Canary was tickling me. "No! My weakness!" I cried laughing, Canary laughed, then stopped tickling me.

That's when I saw Super trying to leave.

"Why don't you stick around?"
 I know Super was mad, but whatever.

"Okay, Jay, why don't you help me teach this lesson?" Canary asked, I heard Super scoff but I ignored it.

"Okay." This is why she and Batman are my favorites, they don't treat me like a little kid.

"Anyone want to spar against Jay?" She asked, I saw Wally get up and walk to me.

"I will, but don't cry too hard when you lose Jay." He said then threw the banana he was eating in the trash.

~Superboy's POV~

"We'll see who's crying after this Wally." Jay said, then she threw a punch at him, but he blocked it, however she sideswipes him with a crouch kick causing him to fall onto the ground.

"Ugh....Didn't hurt at all..." He said in pain on the ground.

'Pft, he's just weak.' I thought, then Jay offered her hand to help him up.

"You should watch your mouth Wall, girls can kick your butt." Jay taunted.

"And that's why they call her Mocking Jay." Robin said to the rest of the team.

"That was a good block, but does anyone see what he did wrong?" Canary asked.

"Ooh, ooh!" Robin eagerly laughs. "He underestimated a ten year old, and got served?" 

~Jay's POV~

After Robin said that, I snorted trying to hide my laughter, yes I know it's not lady like, but I don't care, it was funny.

"Dude!" Wally yelled, making me laugh and high five Robin, then I put my hand in the air, Canary looked at me and nodded.

"He allowed me to dictate the terms of-" I got cut off by Superboy.

"Oh, please, with my powers battle's always on my terms. I'm a living weapon, and this is a waste of my time." He said rudely.

"Prove it." I challenged, Super walks over to me, and we go into our fighting stances.

Super throws a punch at me, but I instantly grab his arm and flip him onto his back.

Superboy Status; FAIL

"Hahaha!" Robin laughed but Aqualad elbowed him.

"You're angry, good but don't react. Channel that anger into-" Canary was cut off by Superboy getting up and running at me, I turned invisible, and flipped behind him, then crouch kicked him, and he fell again.

Robin, I didn't know what he was doing anymore, he looked like he wanted to laugh and kill Superboy at the same time.

"That's it. I'm done." Superboy says getting up, Canary puts her hand on his shoulder.
"Training is mandatory." He shoves off her hand and tries to walk away, but Batman's face appears on the computer.

"Batman to the cave. Five hours ago, a new menace attacked Green Arrow and Black Canary." The screen showed a picture of a giant robot. "The attacker was capable of studying, then duplicating the powers and abilities of its opponents." The screen shows a video of BC and Arrow getting hurt with some of the powers of other League members.

"Whoa, it took down the whole league?!" Wally asked shocked.

"In the end it took 8 members of the league to dismantle the android." Batman finished ignoring Wally's comment.

"An android? Did T.O. Morrow build it?" I guessed, it does sound like something he would build, because he's a HUGE JERK!

"Good guess Mocking Jay, but Red Tornado thinks otherwise."

"The technology bares the signature of Professor Ivo." Red Tornado said, and I gasped, I'm probably messing up this whole conversation, but I don't care at all.

"But Ivo's dead?" I questioned, and Robin nodded.

"So we all thought, or hoped." Batman said gravely. "To make certain this threat is permanently naturalized, we're sending two trucks carrying the android's parts to two separate S.T.A.R lab facilities in Boston and New York for immediate evaluation. Every precaution is being taken. We'll have four additional decoy trucks to create confusion in case Ivo or anyone tries to recover the remains. You will spilt into undercover teams to safeguard the two real trucks."        

"Yes! Road trip!" Wally exclaimed holding his hands up for me and Robin to high five him, but we ignored it.

"So now we take out your trash?" Superboy said, I sighed and face palmed, can he just shut up for once?

"You have something better to do?" Batman replied.

"Coordinates received. On our way." Kaldur said, why couldn't he just be the leader, or is he and no one told me?




"So Jay, why did you pick the name Mocking Jay?" M'gann asked, I was with Wally, Kaldur, and M'gann. While Robin and Superboy are together, I hope Rob lives.

I heard Wally chuckle. "It's a funny story."

"I really like reading Hunger Games.." I trailed off embarrassed, thanks a lot Wally.

"I saw those books, do you recommend reading them?" M'gann asked, and I nodded but kept my eyes on the road, yes I was driving a motorcycle, so what?




A/N: To be continued, next chapter will be on Wednesday.   



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