The Mocking Jay (ON HOLD)

Batman's youngest protégé, Jaylen Wayne, adopted sister to Dick Grayson A.K.A. Robin, and adopted daughter to Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman.
Joins The Young Justice League, the same time Meagan does.
Will the team accept her? Will they think she's weak because she's ten? Will they think she's strong?
Read and find out.


4. The mission part uno. (Yes I speak Spanish.)

Jaylen's POV:

Batman gave us a mission to locate and protect Dr. Benet James, from Mr. Freeze.

So we're in Meagan's space ship thingy, on our way to the Doctor.

 "So, Jay, is this your first time on a ship?" Wally asked me, and I looked from the window to him with a bored expression. (Me: OMG SHE IS SO NEGATIVE! IT HURTS ME!!)

"No." I said then turned back to the window.

"What's your problem?!" Superboy said glaring at me, and I turned to him.

"What's your problem? I heard you yell at Meagan just because she didn't know that we don't talk telepathically, and you still haven't apologized to her, then you try and get in my business, and when I tell you off about it, you act like I'm the bad guy, we're on a team, I'm not the enemy, you have your secrets, and I have mine." I told him, but he didn't drop his glair.

"Teams don't keep secrets from each other." He said with venom dripping from each word.

"Robin has his secrets, why don't you bug him about that? Wally has secrets. Everyone has secrets, now get that tough your head." I told him, then I stood up and went invisible so no one could see me.

"She has powers?!" Everyone but Robin asked shocked.  

"Yeah, Jay and I aren't related, we're both adopted." Rob told them, and I sat down on the floor in front of him, so he would know where I am, since Batman told me to(too?).


"And Mocking Jay, stay in Robin's sight, Robin, stay with Mocking Jay." Batman told us before we left, so Robin and I glared at each other because we basicity had to babysit each other.

~Flashback over~

Soon we landed at our destination.

"Where's Jay?" Wally asked, and I turned visible again, so all of them but Robin screamed and jumped.

"Idiots...." I mumbled under my breath. 

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