The Mocking Jay (ON HOLD)

Batman's youngest protégé, Jaylen Wayne, adopted sister to Dick Grayson A.K.A. Robin, and adopted daughter to Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman.
Joins The Young Justice League, the same time Meagan does.
Will the team accept her? Will they think she's weak because she's ten? Will they think she's strong?
Read and find out.


1. Jaylen

(That's her outfit BTW, also, pretend there's a mask over her face, Like Robin has.)

Hello, I'm Jalyen, but my brother and his friend Wally call me Jay.

I'm ten-years-old, and I'm a hero.

I bet you want a backstory? Well too bad, that's top secret info, be happy I told you my real name.

As you can see, I'm snappy and sarcastic. BUT! That doesn't mean I'm annoyingly annoying! I still like to have fun and laugh, the only reason that I'm snappy is because- Nope! Not talkin' about that.

If you want to know more, read about my live. (Me: I love this girl!) I don't like One Direction. (Me:....So she loves them?) I hate them. (Me:....)


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