True Love

Like the song (We're in heaven).


2. The Meeting

         She was in 2nd hour, her English class. She sat down in her sit, it was in the middle of the room. Her English teacher Mrs. Larena, walked to the front of the room and said “Class, we have a new student and I would like to introduce him to you. This is Michael. We are going to make him feel welcome, right?”

    The whole class said yes. Then Mrs. Larena asked Michael if he wanted to tell the class about him self. He said sure then started telling the whole class about his self.

    “Hi, my name is Michael like she said. I’m 15 like most of you, but I am a little behind in school. You see, I have cancer. Don’t take pity on me, treat me like you do the rest of the 15 year olds. I might have to sit when we are standing for too long or doing an active just let me sit for a while ask me how I am and soon I will be back in the active. If we are in groups I will do my fare share and ….”

    He stopped. While he was talking he was looking at every one in the room when Michael and Melody’s eyes hit there was something there they both felt it and were just staring at each other. After a while Mrs. Larena noticed what was happening and asked Michael if he wanted to sit in an empty desk. All the guys wanted him to sit with them but there was an empty desk by Melody, he made his way to the desk and sat down, and introduced him self to Melody and one of her friends Arabella. She told him to just call her Ar.

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