True Love

Like the song (We're in heaven).


3. The Big Ask, NOT

    After they met Melody and Michael could not stop thinking about each other.

    Later that day, Michael made some friends. It is lunch time, Michael has the same lunch period as Melody. He is wondering if he should sit by Melody or his new friends. Melody is sitting by her friends, Arabella saw that he was standing in the middle of the lunchroom so she walks over to him and asks if he wants to sit with them. He says yes of course, it is called True Love.

    (You must think if this is a love story why do they haft way end up together in the beginning most of the time it takes them a while right, well the books not over yet keep reading.)

    So, Michael goes to sit at the table. The only open spot is RIGHT next to Melody. Their are so many people at the table everyone is smooched together. Michael is thinking ‘Yes, Yes! I get to sit right next to her.’ Well they sit there just eating a few more of Melody’s friends are talking to Michael about having cancer.

    The bell rings Melody is thinking ‘finally they will stop bothering him about his cancer he probably doesn’t want to talk about it any way’. They go to the next class but on the way Michael sees there is a Halloween Dance coming up soon. He thinks ‘Yes, I can ask her if she would want to go with me.’ So what does he do the next time he sees her, asks her to the dance and says “I would make a big jester but two things come in to play, well I guess three. One we don’t have that much time before the dance, two I don’t know what to do, and three with my cancer I learnt not to waste time on things I want.” It was true they did not have that much time the dance was in three days, he did not know her so he did not know what to do, and you don’t have a lot of time on the small things because of this she said yes.

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