this is a short story i made for my best friend Kylie for Christmas.




"Nicole!" I holler to my best friend. 

"Yes?" She answers sleepily walking into my room from hers in our shared house. 

"Lets go out to eat."

"Where its 2 in the fucking morning" She responds. 

"Isn't Rocky's 24 hours?" I ask. 

"Yeah but its a 5 minute walk."


"Ugh fine but you're buy and im going in my sweats and 5sos sweatshirts and im not putting on make up." she says gesturing to her outfit.

"Deal. Ill change so we match and neither am I."

"Okay hurry imma go get my shoes on. Meet you at the door." I says scrolling on her phone. 

Once i changed and slipped on my shoes i ran out to Nicole making sure i had my phone and money in my pocket.

"Ready?" I ask.

"Yeah. did you see Luke's tweet?" She asks me walking out the door.

"No, what did he say?" 

"Him and the boys really want NYC PIZZA but dave wont let them out of the hotel room." She laughs.

"Aww poor boys. Wait why are they in New York?" 

"Im guessing writing new music or something?"

"Oh true." I laugh. 

Rocky's is a 5 minute walk from our house so i started my exercise play list! Yes that means Just 5sos. Just as the second song ended we showed up at the restaurant. I opened the door smiling at the hostest. 

"Just two?" She ask. 

"Just us. And can we get a booth in the back please."

She nodded. We passed a bunch of empty table. There were only a couple people here and they are up in the front. Im guessing touriest who are passing through and just need to stop and eat.

"Hi my name is Sammy and Ill be your waitress what can I get for you." a lady greets us once we get to our booth. 

"Two cokes and a large half pineapple and half meat lovers pizza please." Nicole oders.

"Okay. Be right up." She smiles at us an walks off.

"I love the booths here." Nicole says.

"I know. Its like no one can watch us eat. well except the people across from us." 

Its true the booths here are awesome. The backs are so freaking tall. you cant see over them. 

After a couple minutes of talking and waiting for food we hear people enter to booth behind up. Then all i start to see is white flashes. Quickly i realize it Nicole taking photos of me. 

"Why must you do this everywhere we go." I wine pushing her phone down. 

"Well if you're going to date Luke you need to get use to flashing lights." She laughs.

"Can we just take a minute to talk about how i will never date him because he is THE Luke Hemmings."

"Can we not?"

"Yes we can!" I roll my eyes at Nicole. I swear sometimes Nicole things that if we actually meet them Luke would fall in love with me and Michael would fall in love with her. Our life is not a fanfiction for crying out loud.

"Hey the boys have a concert next month for some charity thing. "Nicole says looking up. 

"How did you find out?" 

"All Time Low just tweeted about it."

"Oh I see."

"One large half pineapple half meat lovers." the waiters calls out walking over towards us.

"MINE" Nicole screams making googly eyes as if shes never ate before. But the lady turns to the table behind us. 

"What?! No!"Nicole Whines looking like a little girl who didnt get the right barbie for christmas. 

"Dork. How much are the tickets?" I asked laughing at her. 

"$195.00 each. "

Now its my turn to whine.

"I really wanted to fucking go! Why bank account? Why?"

"I hate them! Like Mikey hook your girlfriend up!" Nicole says while typing angrily into her phone.

"Yeah Luke, You know you're sleep on the couch for a week!" i copy her actions. 


our phones both went off.

@Calum5sos tweeted: @Luke5sos and @Michael5sos are in trouble!!!

"Yeah they are! Beat them Cal!" I root him on. 

"I love how Calum knows." Nicole laughs. 

"Maybe he saw our tweets." I suggest hopefully. 


@Ashton5sos tweeted: @Michael5sos @Luke5sos BAD BOYFRIENDS!!

"What the fuck?" I eyed my phone.

"Wired." Nicole Laughs. 

Before i could tell Nicole what i was thinking the waitress walked over to the table behind us asking the if everything was going okay. But before they could answer Nicole opened her mouth. 

"Im guessing they are fine! They are eating pizza! Us on the other hand have been waiting 30 minutes for ours."

I heard someone laugh from the booth. 

"Sorry Miss you should of gotten yours by now. Let me go check on that for you." She smiled at us. I could tell she had already killed Nicole 1,000 times in her head. Before she left she asked the other table if everything was okay. They must have nodded because she walked away and I didnt here them talking. 


@Michael5sos: Sassy! I likely!

"Okay this is getting fucking weird." Nicole says looking up at me.

"Right! It's like they listening to us."

"what the fuck is on?"

"Boys if you can hear us answer this question over twitter. Who has the biggest dick?" i ask out loud.

"KYLIE!" Nicole gasps.

As we waited to see if they would answer our pizza came. Nicole apologized to the lady saying to blame it on her stomach. Sammy our waitress just laughed it off and walked away. As I grabbed a slice of pizza Nicole checked twitter.  Shaking her head at me letting me know we are not telepathically linked to 5SOS. 

"Aw man." I sigh. "So I was thinking tomorrow we can go to the mall and get some things for the house."

"like what?" She ask.

"We need new towels and candles. I think we should also we get some new clothes."

"Okay!" Nicole says taking a bite of pizza.





@Ashton5sos tweeted: MINE

@Luke5sos tweeted: Mine but shhh.

@Calum5sos tweeted: Ahah Mine!

@Michael5sos tweeted: Is that even a question? Mine! DUH!

"No fucking way!" I scream.

" Ask another question!" Nicole yells at me. 

"You! Im to scared to think right now!"

"Boys if you can hear me answer this. Why are you so fucking hot?"

2 seconds later our phones went off

@Ashton5sos tweeted: See when 2 people fall in love they do the dance for 2!

@Michael5sos tweeted: Because im me!

@Luke5sos tweeted: Puberty 

@calum5sos tweeted: Uhmm... God? I dont know..

"What the fuck can you hear my thoughts." Nicole asked.


@Michael5sos tweeted: Naughty thoughts babe.

"Oh my god. Kylie No! Now they know I have dreams of dating Michael and Zombies!" 

"Zombies." We hear a voice behind us. 

"Mister you might not want to listen to us. Crazy thing are happening. We may need to call Sam and Dean." Nicole panics to the guy .

"Love its us." The guys says. 

"Us who?" Nicole asks. " Wait Sam? Dean?" 

"No, 5 Seconds Of Summer!"  

"Youre in my head? GET OUT!" I demand shaking my head. Nicole is covering her eyes.

"Not in your heads.  Look at the booth behind you."

I look at Nicole as she peeks around to the booth. Her eyes go wide and her face goes red as she rushed back to her seat. 

"We knew that." She nervously laughs. 


"Ashton?" I ask.

"Thats me!" 

"We are coming over to your booth. Dont panic." Ashton calls over. 

The boys pull a table over connecting it to ours. Luke scoots next to me and sits at the table beside him. Across from Cal is ashton next to him is Michael them Nicole. 

"Hi, Nice to see your faces in person." Luke smiles.

"H-hi."I studder.

"Hi Kylie." Luke responds. 

"Hi Nicole" Mikey says. 

"Hi. But.. How do you know our names."

"we saw them on twitter and over heard you guys saying them." Calum chuckles. 

"Now before you think we are stalking you we got your twitters from the location thing on twitter. We always check it before we go somewhere to make sure its not packed or to make sure there arnt to many fans." Ashton says. 

"Oh thats cool. I didnt know you could do that.: I nervously say, Well tried to say.

"Its for verified accounts." Calum says while stuffing his face with pizza. 

"We just wanted to say hi and meet you guys. We have to because we snuck out and dave is gonna come check on us soon." Ashton smiles. 

The boys got up with us in tow. 

"Ill dm you later." Luke smiles at me.

"Okay. Sounds good."I smile giving him a quick hug. 

"And we payed for you pizza so you guys dont have to." Calum smiles giving up a hug.

"aw Calum you didnt have to do that." Nicole smiled. 

"Shit guys dave is calling." Ashton panics. 

"we gotta go. Ill dm you later as well Nicole." Michael says hugging her. 

We say good bye to the boys as they rush out.

We quickly box up our pizzas and head home.

"I need to go home and watch supernatural and re think life." Nicole says.

"Do you think they will really dm us?" I ask.

"Who knows. Probably not." Nicole says. 

Once we get home we both go to our rooms. I got into bed and started dosing off but my phone went off. Luke did DM me. 


Thats how Luke and I met.. 20 years later we are married and have 2 kinds. 

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