Digitally Real

The year is 2056, mankind has drained their resources to an absolute apocalyptic wasteland.
Only one thing drives the human race out of extinction, and that's the virtual zone.
Also known as the Digitally Real universe, it's a complete transition into an entirely different reality. They call it V-Earth for virtual.
Not only is this a chance for Kevin and his sister, Gabby, but a complete restart for the world.
There is only one problem, virtual reality is breaking.


1. The First Stutter

"Gabby, I'm home from work. How was your day at school?" I took my jacket, and threw it over the coat hanger.

"Okay, I guess." My sister yawned. 

Swiftly, I made my way to the kitchen, and extracted a soda from the freezing fridge. I opened it, swiftly with ease and technique. After gulping down a tenth of the can, I sat it down on the table, walking up to my little sisters room. "You doin' your homework Gabby?" 

A rumble emits from the door, "Uggh, yeah...." 

I rolled my eyes, entering her cluttered room. A good look at Gabby and I could tell she hadn't even thought about her homework. Her brown hair, and brown eyes, they looked so innocent, but indeed were more cruel than V-Earth itself.

She gave me a stare, "What? I was gonna do it Kevin! I mean why does it even really matter? None of this is real!"

I sat down on her densely piled bed, "Gabby, your looking at things all wrong. The World Government is here to protect us from the deep, depressing reality of what's real. This is all that matters now, as long as were here in this world, we won't have to worry about the other one." I held her head tightly to my chest. "It's almost as if there was never another world to begin with. We've been gifted with a second chance, Gabby." 

She pushed my away, "Okay, I'm going to do my homework, but don't worry about me, I'll be fine." 
I nodded leaving her room. 
Sometimes it was hard to imagine that their was ever a world before this one. I was born in the real world, and raised their, then they transferred me here, after the age of ten. Earth was barren, and destitute. A place where nothing could live. The only habitable places known to man on Earth are the nests. The nests cradle new born babies until they are deemed worthy to enter the new world. 

After an individual has been chosen to go to V-Earth, they are placed in pods filled with this icky goo. Then, the glass layers you until it is sealed shut. The vacuums connected to our brains, mix the time waves inside of the nest, and launch us into an alternate reality. 

Neither Gabby or I, knew who our parents were, and Gabby wasn't my real sister, but I'd rather pretend, than be dreadfully alone for eternity. 

"KEVIN!" Gabby yelled at me. She had screamed from her room. "KEVIN!!" I launched myself up and around the stairs. 

Busting my way through her door, she was screaming and covering her ears. What I glared at in front of me was quite the anomaly. It seemed like matter itself was bending, twisting, and cracking in one centered location. Almost like a black hole, but entirely different at the same time. 

Gabby was scared, I was scared. The screech that emaciated from the point of disturbance was, making my ears bleed, my eyes roll, and my body crumble. 

What the hell was this thing?! 
It slowly, smoothed itself back out, as the screech diminished to a silent ringing. 

This was the first accounted stutter in V-Earth.

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