Behind walls ((AOT and Sonic FF))

Sonic like you've never seen it before. Two different worlds collide. They mix together to form one big one: Attack on Sonic. ((Attack on Titan and Sonic the Hedgehog)) This is a story about the fastest thing alive having to slow down to make sure his other friends aren't left behind in their own blood...


1. The Dream

Sonic opened up his eyes in surprise. Amy stood over him.

 "You're awake." she said, picking up her pile of sticks.

Sonic clutched his head. What was that dream? Amy looked at Sonic.

 "Why are you crying?" she asked.

Sonic turned his head and quickly wioed it off.

 "I-I'm not!" yelled Sonic, quite embarrassed.

Amy sighed.

 "It doesn't matter. We need to go." said Amy.

Sonic nodded, and got his pile of sticks. He stood up. He thought of the dream again. His mom...she had...

Sonic shook that thought out of his head. Amy started walking, and so Sonic followed. Once they got in town, Amy asked,

 "Why were you crying?"

Sonic looked at Amy, and replied,

 "I don't know!"

 "Maybe I should go tell dad." said Amy.


 "No, don't tell dad!" yelled Sonic.

 "Fine, but still it's pretty weird. Crying when you are asleep?" asked Amy.

Sonic turned away. Amy sighed, and they continued walking.

  "Hey, Amy, I think the Scouting Legion should be coming back! Let's go see them!" exclaimed Sonic, and dashed off.

Amy sighed.

 "If only I could catch up to him."

She chased after him.

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