My brother's best friend

Rosalie Hood is 18 she's in her last year of high and just got out of a bad relationship, and doesn't get along with her mum very much. What happens when her mum sends her to go live with her brother that she hasn't seen in 8 years?


1. You did what?

Author's Note: Any other story that seems close to mine or the other way around is by peer coincidence. I did not steal anyone's ideas. thnx. Enjoy:)

Rosalie's POV

 Hi! My name is Rosalie Hood (and I know what your thinking, and yes I am Calum Hood's sister)i'm originally from Sydney, Australia but when I turned 10 my mom divorced my dad, because he cheated on her, and took me and we left for California, leaving my brother with my father. My mother remarried and my step father is cool and all but I don't really like to call him dad or whatever. I call him by his first name, Edward, we get along fine and we're pretty close at least closer then my actually father. My mum on the other hand, we don't get along at all. We are like total opposites, we fight over every little thing. Well in his defense I haven't seen or talk to him for about 8 years now. 

       I got into a big argument with my mum two days ago and have been staying over my best friend, Annie's house since then. After school I went home to get some more clothes, I could not wear any more of her clothes. Im not fat if that's what your thinking, i'm pretty skinny but not stick skinny if you get what I mean. Annie's clothes are nice but she wears a lot of tight tight clothes that are very uncomfortable. I asked her once if she felt that it was tight or not. She said no and wobbled up her room, I could tell that she was lying, but inside I knew it was probably for her athlete boyfriend that she was wearing what she was wearing. He was a real flirt and liked her always showing up wearing those type of clothing, I mean what guy wouldn't right? I told her to break up with him but she just said that she would eventually, but it's been 2 months. 

      When I got home my mum was siting on the couch with a bottle of vodka in her hand. Did I mention that she was an addict? Well she is, shes been like this since the move from Australia to California because she was depressed. Edward and I have tried to help and make her stop, but it she wouldn't and it was difficult so we stopped trying after awhile. "Hey! Rosalie where have you been all day?" my mum said drunkly. "I was at school, mum" I answered her with an annoying tone in my voice. "Oh sorry I forgot, anyway lose the attitude before I get angry." She raised her voice. "Anyway i'm sending you to Australia to live with your father and your brother, your flight is in 5 hours." said my mum. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!? " I yelled and I think our neighbors could hear me.

"Don't raise your voice at me, young lady if you don't want to miss the plane you should start packing."

"What are talking about mum, i'm not going"

"Oh yes you are, even if I have to drag you there"

"Mother your just drunk i'll take you to your room and we'll talk in the morning."

I said while I was trying to pick her up from the couch when Edward walked in the house.

"Oh honey your home tell her that she is leaving today she won't believe me."

Edward looked at me straight in the eyes and I knew what my mum said was true and I could feel my eyes starting to build up tears, then a tear fell and I quickly wiped it away. 

"You leave in 1 hour, your father got you a quicker flight so he and your brother could see you sooner." Edward saying to me while I stood there stunned. I didn't even try to argue I knew in my heart that this is what was right and I had to go no matter what. "I understand" I said disappointed and running up to my bedroom to pack. 

When I finished packing I changed into a white crop top and black skinny jeans. I checked if I got everything and my mom said she would send me anything if I forgot anything. When I went downstairs I decided not to ask my mum anything because I didn't want start an argument before I leave. When I got downstairs we all hoped in the car and drove to the airport in silence. When we arrived we said our goodbyes and then I boarded the plane. Before I left I somehow thought that my mum would be upset or crying when I left but when I turned around to wave bye to them they were already gone. I stood there like an idiot waving to the air. I decided to not take it to heart. Every since my mum and dad divorced she never cared about me so why did I think she would today? I'm such a big idiot.

I decided that I was going to tell Annie that I moved when I got off the plane.

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