My brother's best friend

Rosalie Hood is 18 she's in her last year of high and just got out of a bad relationship, and doesn't get along with her mum very much. What happens when her mum sends her to go live with her brother that she hasn't seen in 8 years?


3. Meeting the boys

Rosalie's POV

Luke bent down and grabbed my bags from the ground, and walked to the front door. I tried grabbing the bags from his hand he didn't budge and kept on walking. He knocked on the door and a boy with red reddish/purple hair came to open the door,I think I say him in an interview with Calum once, I think his name was Michael if I can remember correctly. "Why hello beautiful," he said while moving out of the way to let us in, and closing the door behind us. As soon as we got inside Luke put my bags down on the floor. "Damn, why the hell is this so heavy?" Luke asked as he was walking towards the kitchen I believe, to get a drink of water. "Well, I offered to help and carry it, but you didn't let me!" I yelled from the front door. "Because I wanted to look good in front of you." He said peeking from the kitchen and winking at me. I rolled my eyes and at the corner of my eye saw Michael trying to keep in his laugh. 

"You must be hungry, want anything?" Michael asked me while pointing to the kitchen. "Umm... I think i'm good, thanks though," I replied.

"Hey Mikey who was at the door?" Some boy that looked the same age as the others and I said, while running down the stairs. I believe he is Ashton I think from what I can remember.

"Calum's sister, Rosalie, come say hi," Michael said, while Ashton came up to me.

"Hi I'm Ashton, nice to meet you" Ashton said reaching his hand out. I shook his and said "Hi I'm Rosalie, you already knew that but It's nice to meet you too."

"You look so much like Calum it's crazy, you guys can even be twins." Ashton said while looking me straight in the eyes.

"Thanks I guess, speaking of Calum, where is he?" I asked 

"I think he had something last minute to do so he went out for awhile, but he said he'll be back in a few." Michael answered, looking at Ashton like something was up.

"Oh, I actually really want to see him, I haven't seen him in ages." I said in a disappointed voice.

"Well that's okay love, I'll show you to your room and you can unpack and sleep until dinner, you must be really tired." Luke said while walking into the room. 

"Umm, that actually sounds really good right now." I said walking to my bags to pick them up, once again Luke beat me to it before I could grab it and started to walk up the stairs. 

"You coming!" He said turning to look at me. I didn't say anything, because I was to tired to argue and started to walk up the stairs where Luke was. I followed him up the rest of the stairs and he walked me to my new room, struggling with my bags. I felt really bad, but if he was going to still and try to show off. Then why not let him suffer while doing so. 

We finally reached my new room and he dropped the bags on the floor and opened the door. My face lit up with so much happiness, and it felt like a loneliness feeling on my shoulders being lifted.


Sorry for not updating sooner and taking so long to do so. Hope you guys like it! I'll try updating more, but life is a little hectic right now so hope you understand. I also have other books that are also fan fictions, maybe you guys can check them out. If not thats alright, I'm just happy I can share my stories with everyone. Thanks for reading.

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