My brother's best friend

Rosalie Hood is 18 she's in her last year of high and just got out of a bad relationship, and doesn't get along with her mum very much. What happens when her mum sends her to go live with her brother that she hasn't seen in 8 years?


5. Getting closer

*Important Author Note At The End**Enjoy lovies*

Rosalie's POV

So after I got all my stuffed moved in and I was finally settled down. I decided to go talk to the boys and get to know them better. I went sit on the couch in the living room. I sat in between Calum and Luke. Just to let you know something real quick, I get cold very very easily, like I'm not joking it could be like 100 degrees outside and I'll magically get cold for like no reason, well only when I'm in the shade, but when I'm in the sun I'm all good. I know I'm weird. But anyway I started to get cold and quickly ran up to my room and grabbed my blanket from the closet. I ran down stairs and jumped back top my spot in between Calum and Luke. I cuddled into my big fluffy blanket and watched whatever was on tv. 

"Aren't you hot?" Calum asked looking at me like I was crazy because it was warm in the house. 

"Nope," I said looking at him then at everyone else. "I get cold easily," I said and all the boys oh'ed and turned their attention back at the screen. I wasn't paying attention I was really jet lagged from the flight from earlier.

I turned back to look at the tv when I heard Luke mumble a quick, "I'm getting cold too," then he took some of the blanket and joined me inside the blanket. He scooted closer to me to get some more to cover his body. I looked up at him to see him smiling down at me. he wrapped one of his arms around my waist, pulling me closer, where I basically sat on his lap. He took his other hand and intertwined mine with his. I could feel electricity going through my body, all the places that he touched, to sit me on his lap. And it felt incredibly amazing, like no words could describe how I feel right now. I looked up at Luke to see him smiling widely and blushing a little. How cute is he? Ahh!!

I was getting more and more tired. I rested my head on Luke's chest and slowly fell into a deep slumber.

Luke's POV

Rosalie fell asleep in my arms, she was truly an angel, she's so amazing that there are no words to describe her, it makes you speechless. I looked over at Calum and saw him watching the tv, whatever was on I wasn't paying attention. I kept my eyes on Rosalie, I know it sounds creepy, I watched her until I slowly fell asleep also with her on my lap.

I think I'm falling for her.


I know really short chapter and I'm really sorry I didn't update sooner. I was just super busy and just needed a break for awhile. 

But anyway thanks for reading and hopefully I update again, no promises. I just had to get a chapter out for you guys. And OMG!!!! I have 900 views I know what you guys are thinking, thats barely anything, but I'm super happy that you guys even consider to read my book so I'm reaalyy happy and thankful to all the people thats reading the book. 

So comment down below what you guys think and if you have any suggestions about the next chapter, before my brain goes dry again, please comment down what the nest chapter should be. I might even celebrate getting 900 views on the book by adding another chapter for you guys, if I get any good suggestions. *wink* *wink*


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