My brother's best friend

Rosalie Hood is 18 she's in her last year of high and just got out of a bad relationship, and doesn't get along with her mum very much. What happens when her mum sends her to go live with her brother that she hasn't seen in 8 years?


2. Australia

The plane ride was pretty terrible, I don't really like planes all that much so I guess that's why hated it. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. I kept thinking how my brother, Calum, would look like, well in person I meant, of course i've seen him on tv and stuff because he's in the band 5 Seconds of Summer that is mega famous everywhere. It's been so long and we haven't talked since I left 8 years ago. We're only 1 year apart but i'm the youngest, and in the same grade, I was born a little earlier and got put in the same grade. I also kept thinking that I really wanted to talk more with my father and get to know each other better. Its been so long I miss them both so much. When I got off the plane, the first thing I did was look for my father and brother. I saw some tall guy holding a sign that said "Welcome back to Aussie, Rosalie." I walked up to him, he was tall, had blonde hair and hazel blue eyes. When I got closer I knew it was my brother's best friend, and band mate Luke, I remember playing around a lot a couple months before my parents got divorced. Not gonna lie he was pretty sexy. He was wearing a red and black flannel shirt and black skinny jeans.

I walked up to him surprised like I didn't know who he was. "Luke?" I said looking up at him. "Rosalie? Oh my gosh is that really you, you've grown so fucking much!" He yelled while picking me up and spinning me around. 

"Right, sorry, I should watch my language around you" 

"Yes it really is me. Now will you please put me down? And i'm not a little girl anymore i'm fucking 18 for crying out loud"

He placed me down and looked at me again.

"Right, I forgot for a moment there, you've grown so much, your even prettier from what I remember." Luke said while blushing which made me blush and giggle also.

"Luke you're so funny, I know i'm not pretty you don't have to lie." I said while looking up at him staring at his beautiful hazel blue eyes. 

Luke's POV

Not gonna lie when she came up to me, I didn't even recognized her until she got closer and closer. She looked so sexy wearing that crop top of her's and her skinny jeans fit her so perfectly like skinny jeans were made just for her. And the way that her brown hair flowed beautifully down past her shoulders, close to her bum, and her beautiful brown eyes. She was so beautiful and sexy that I just wanted to make her mine. Wait, what am I thinking she's my best friend's sister, I can't think of her in that way. Calum would beat the living shit out of me.

"Luke you're so funny, I know i'm not pretty you don't have to lie." she said as she looked up at me and we looked at each others eyes for about a minute.

"Don't say that you are absolutely beautiful." I said and saw her blushing and looking down at her shoes.

"Thanks, hey, I think it's kinda getting late, do you think we can go?" She asked with that amazing voice of hers.

"Oh right, lets get going." I said.

We went to luggage claim got her luggages and walked to the car.

"Hey, why didn't Calum pick me up instead?" She asked looking me in the eyes while we headed to the car.

"He's busy cleaning the house up and your room, so he asked me if I could come and get you," I relied telling her half of the truth. The truth was that I couldn't wait to see her and volunteered to come and get her before Ashton or Michael could say anything. But Calum really is cleaning up and tidying the place up a little. 

"Oh," she said a little disappointed. But that quickly changed when we got to the car and I took her luggage to the trunk and went to her side to open the door for her.

"Why thank you Luke, but you really didn't have to," she said while looking me straight in the eyes.

"But I wanted you to think I was a gentlemen," I said staring her back in the eyes.

"Whatever, lets just get going," she said playfully. I closed the car door and walked to the driver's side and drove home.

We drove in silence, but not awkward silence, just a peaceful one. She stared outside the window looking at the beautiful city she once left when she was little. She was so beautiful I couldn't help but glance once in awhile at her. When we got there I pulled into the drive way and parked the car as I got out I went to open the door for her, but she was already getting out herself.

"I'm not a little girl anymore, Luke." She said hoping out the car, and walking to the trunk. 

"I know," I said pouting while walking over to help her get her bags but she pushed me away lightly signaling that she could get it herself. I took a step back in defeat and let her get them herself. She bent down to get the last bag that was farther in the trunk. I couldn't help but look at her perfectly round bum and biting my lip ring a little, hoping she wouldn't notice. Unfortunately, she noticed I was doing so, because when she straitened she giggled a little like she did it on purpose. It just hit me she did do it on purpose. I blushed a little and then carried her bags to the door, leaving her looking defeated instead.

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