Adopted by THEM?! (ON HOLD)


Mackenzie has been an orphan since she was five, she doesn't remember her parents, and no one wants her because she's thirteen, but what happens when THE One Direction adopts her?


10. Singing and Twitter problems









Harry's POV:

The lads and I just got back from shopping when we heard singing in the kitchen, along with a guitar playing.

So we slowly looked in from the door, and saw Mackenzie, in her pajamas, playing the guitar, and singing?!

Towards the middle she started to add in Trouble by Taylor Swift.

Once she finished she opened her eyes and looked up seeing us.

"I DID NOTHING!" She yelled putting the guitar on the table then ran to her room.

"Mackenzie!" We all yelled after her.

"I got this." Niall said then grabbed the guitar, and went upstairs to Mackenzie's room.

*A few moments later*

Niall came downstairs with the guitar and put it up where it belongs.

"Well?" Louis asked, and Niall turned to us.

"Did you know Mackenzie doesn't have a Twitter account?" He asked like her singing didn't happen.

"Niall, is she okay?" Liam asked looking upstairs.

"Yeah, she's just getting dressed, then we're making her a Twitter account." He said with DETERMINATION! (A/N: I really hope you guys get that reference. Let me know if the comments if you do.)

"I say, we go out for dinner tonight." I said, maybe that'll help Mackenzie, because knowing Niall, he probably didn't really salve anything.

"We can do that, AFTER we get her a Twitter account." Niall said.

"You're obsessed." We all said, even Mackenzie, because she just walked downstairs.



"Okay, Mister I'm obsessed with Twitter. What should my username be?" She asked sitting on the couch, next to Liam and Louis.


"Why won't you sit by us?" Niall and I joked.

"Because, I wanna sit with the Sass Master from Doncaster. And Mister Daddy Direction." Louis laughed, and high fived her.

"Miss_Tomlinson?" Liam asked.





"Yes!" She cheered. "Okay! I made it." She said, so we all took out of phones and followed her.

@Louis_Tomlinson: Hey everybody! Go follow @Real_Mackenzie_Tomlinson

@Harry_Styles: Go follow @Real_Mackenzie_Tomlinson please.

@NiallOfficial: Hey, you should follow @Real_Mackenzie_Tomlinson

@Real_Liam_Payne: @zaynmalik follow Kenzie. @Real_Mackenzie_Tomlinson

"Guys, you really didn't have to do that." Mackenzie said.

"yes we did."

"Now make a profile picture." Niall said.



  "You had to add the heart, didn't you?" Liam asked laughing a little.

"Yes, yes I did." She said with a serious face, then busted out laughing.

"TWEET SOMETHING!" Niall yelled, he has a Twitter problem.


@Real_Mackenzie_Tomlinson: Hi everyone, random but, what's your fav color?

As soon as she tweeted that, her phone blew up with notifications, which made her jump and throw her phone at me, luckily, I caught it.  

"Sorry.." She said sheepishly.

(A/N: I didn't make a Twitter account for Mackenzie, sorry guys, but if someone really does have this account, please don't spam them asking if they live with 1D, this is just a fanfic, and the following accounts are made up, sorry if they're your usernames, just let me know if they are, and I will remove it. If you want me to)

@Harrysgirl09: Hey Mackenzie! My favorite color is green.

@Jerk2u: Ew, why would the boys tell us to follow her?

@Kelly_Tomlinson: @Jerk2u leave @Real_Mackenzie_Tomlinson alone!

@SupergirlT: Back off, Louis is mine.

"Wow.." She signed looking at the replies.

"It's okay Kenzie, even we get hate sometimes." I assured her.

"I guess. But whatever, I still know I'm awesome." She said smirking, Louis laughed then playfully glared.

"I'm awesomer (it's a word now) than you!"

"Awesomer isn't a word Louis!"

"It is now!"






Louis really wants "Awesomer" to be a word, XD

Love ya guys!

I won't be updating as much this summer, I'm trying to focus on some of my other stories at the moment.

So after this chapter, this story is going to be on hold until the end of summer.

Sorry, but I still love you guys!



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