Adopted by THEM?! (ON HOLD)


Mackenzie has been an orphan since she was five, she doesn't remember her parents, and no one wants her because she's thirteen, but what happens when THE One Direction adopts her?



A/N: Sorry again, for not updating, but I've been really sad about 1D lately, I understand that they want a break and all, but it really hurts. So to make things happier in my story.......We're gonna talk about my OTP! #LarryIsReal


If you couldn't already tell.......Harry and Louis are boyfriends in the story because I want them to be!! Sorry Harry and Louis if you're reading this, but.....I just really want you two to be together.


Mackenzie's POV:

We stopped at a McDonalds because Niall was really hungry, I didn't say anything but, I was kinda-A lot hungry.

"Alright, I'll get the food, you lot get a table." Liam told us after we told him our order.

We sat at a booth, this is how we were sitting, from inside to outside.

Me, Niall, Liam. On the left, then Harry and Louis on the right.

I got a Quarter Pounder, Liam got chicken nuggets, Harry and Louis got Big Mac's, and Niall, he got three Big Mac's, 20 chicken nuggets, and three Quarter Pounders.....How on earth can he eat ALL that?!

"Kenzie, if you're trying to get some of Niall's food, it won't happen without you losing a finger." Liam told me, I guess he saw me looking at Niall and him eating.

"No, not that, just.....How on earth can he eat all that?!" I asked going wide eyed.

"I donno, he just can." Louis said finally looking away from Harry's eyes...Are they together?

"Mackenzie? Hello? Earth to Mackenzie." Harry said waving his hand in my face.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked, Niall stopped eating for a second, and looked at me.

"You were starring at Harry and Louis." He told me, then want back to eating.

"Are you and Harry dating?" I asked Louis, everyone stopped and looked at me, Niall and Liam gave me the strangest look, while Louis and Harry looked nervous. "You are aren't you?!" I asked with my eyes brightening up with excitement. They're so cute together! I ship it like FedEx! (A/n: Is there a FedEx in England? Idk)

"Uh...Um..." Harry couldn't talk while Louis was avoiding eye contact.

"Oh my god, you two are dating." Liam asked shocked.

"I knew it! Yes! I ship it like FedEx!" I exclaimed while slapping Niall's hand away from my burger.

"Is this true?" Liam asked ignoring Niall taking his food.

"What..No, maybe. Kinda...Yeah." They both said , I stood up, which was hard since we were in a booth.

"Yessss, my otp is true." I said hoping they didn't hear, but sadly, they did.

"You ship Larry?" Niall asked after eating the burger whole....How is he so thin when he eats like that?

"Uh......OMG! IS THAT HUNTER HAYES?!" I screamed pointing to a random direction. (A/N: You mean ONE Direction? Haha...No............;-; ) Then I climbed over the booth, and ran to the kids play ground. You know the thing I'm talking about right? Those play things the kids play on? Anyways, I ran inside that since there wasn't any kids.

"Mackenzie!" They yelled running after me, I'm surprised the McDonalds people haven't kicked us out yet.....Maybe they recognized the guys....CRAP! THEY HAVE PHONES OUT!!! I gotta get them out of here!

I ran past them and back to the booth to get our stuff, then ran outside, with them following behind. I ran all the way to a park....That was two blocks away from where we were. Whoops?

"Kenzie, you -gasp for air- can't run away like that." Harry said breathlessly, the rest of the boys were behind him.

"They had cameras, they knew it was you guys." I explained, not out of breath at all.

"How, can you, run that fast?!" Niall asked leaning on Liam for support, Louis did the same to Harry.

"Uh...Track Team..." I said, it's not completely a lie...I was on a track team.

"Okay, lets go home now." Liam said, and we all agreed.



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