Adopted by THEM?! (ON HOLD)


Mackenzie has been an orphan since she was five, she doesn't remember her parents, and no one wants her because she's thirteen, but what happens when THE One Direction adopts her?


2. Adopted by THEM?! (Me: See what I did there 😉

Mackenzie's POV:

I was in my room on my laptop just messing around, mostly going on this website called 'Movellas' it's pretty cool, people come on here to write fanfiction, or just stories they want to write. (Me: Yeah, I just did that.)

I was reading this one story called 'Mini Vengers' by this really awesome and amazing author named Skyler. (Me: I couldn't help myself.) when Ms. McClain's voice came over the speakers.

"Go to the adoption room, there's four men looking to adopt coming in five minuets!" She yelled over the speaker with  her dreadful voice.

Sighing I got up and walked out of my room, in my fall out boy shirt, jean shorts and TOM's.

Once I got downstairs I heard ALL the girls screaming their heads off, FOR NO REASON!

So I walked over to Ms. McClain.

"Why are they screaming?" I asked her, but she ignored me.

"THE ONE DIRECTION IS HERE!!" One girl screamed in my ear, and I rolled my eyes and walked over to the dinning room, and hid under the table.


One hour later I saw a bunch of feet walk in, but I stayed quiet.

"So, did you choose who you want?" I heard Ms. McClain's voice say.

"No, we don't want them, they just want to be adopted by us because we're famous, or because they believe they'll marry us one day." Another voice said, and I sighed and came out from under the table.

"I know right, they always do that, saying 'One day I WILL marry Harry Styles, and there's nothing you girls can do about it!' or something hurtful, then when I roll my eyes at them, they say I'm just jealous." I told them.

"Wait, You aren't going to scream, or jump around?" A guy with an Irish accent asked, and I shook my head.

"Nope." I told them popping the 'p'.

"We want to adopted her." They all said, making my eyes go wide, and mouth drop open.

"Me?!" I squeaked, they nodded, and started signing the papers, while I went upstairs and started packing my stuff.

It took me awhile because I had a lot of stuff, but I did it! Then I went downstairs to see all of them waiting at the door.

"Goodbye Mackenzie, I'll see you when they bring you back." Ms. McClain told me bitterly.

"Well then, I'll see you in the after life, which you'll be visiting soon." I told her and turned my head and walked out of the orphanage leaving her shocked, then One Direction, followed me out the door, but once we got in the car, they started laughing really hard.

"What?" I asked wanting to know what was so funny.

"W-What you s-said!" The one with curly brown hair, and green eyes said.

"Oh, that? Yeah, we just love each other like that." I joked, and they laughed some more.



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