School life.

This story follows a group of friends in their day to day life in school.


3. Chapter 3.

"Hey! Alphie, Emilia over here!" A voice shot across the class room and hit like a bullet as the two turned their heads at light speed.

"Come work with us!" It continued, the music classroom consumed by music instruments sounding all at once like a battle cry.

"OK!" Alphie and Emilia replied in sync. They began to pace over to this voice as the body it came from materialised from around the corner.

"Morning guys." a group of people smiled and waved from the hallway sat in a circle with a range of instruments held between them. Phil and Millie were sat, violas in hand, with 2 others beside them. Rick and Jorge. Rick was a fellow viola player with a sharp, prominent personality being the most confident among them and not afraid to share his opinion with anybody who'll listen. Jorge was a less loud personality but was still confident in other people and proudly played the bass guitar.

"Hey, so what're we doing?" Emilia immediately jumped into musical professional mind set grabbing her acoustic guitar and pulling up a chair.

"Hey, Al, you gonna sit?" by this point Alphie was just hoping to himself that they didn't have to play in front of other people, he got nervous around other people and had a huge amount of stage fright to the point where during primary school he collapsed on his first day after his opening assembly.  

"Umm.. yeh." Alphie shook like a ghost was genitally stroking his spine. Alphie was a pianist who in the music usually made the basis with a simple yet hypnotic melody.

"Are you okay? You don't look too well." Emilia looked towards him slowly raising her hand and allowing it to float down onto his shoulder quickly spiking off it.

"Jesus, you are as cold as ice. Do you need a first aider?" Emilia began to panic a little eyes darting from side to side shouting for help. As everyone crowded Alphie he tried to accumulate words.

"I'm fine." he began to scoot towards his piano making an awful screeching sound like a fork on cling film.

"Do you think this is OK for the start?" he began to play a 5 chord melody looping after 10 seconds of sound sounding like a siren in the ocean drawing everyone closer.

"Okay so we work around that." Emilia said scooting closer to Alphie while people smashed their hands against their ears as the screeching mimicked Alphie's.

"Where are you going?" Rick asked as she halted to a stop back to back with Alphie.

"Just sitting here in case he does need help or is ill." she replied.

"Yeh sure, that's why you are sitting there." Jorge joked as the others began to giggle, Alphie had always been an innocent soul and never understood any jokes about Emilia and him.

"What's that supposed to mean!" Emilia angrily spat out words as she began to blush, glaring at the group as Alphie looked confused. The corridor flooded with laughter from this small group of 6. 

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