School life.

This story follows a group of friends in their day to day life in school.


2. Chapter 2.

"Philipe Burnett?" a teacher called out a name and a silent 3 seconds which felt like years.

"Here!" a wild herd bursts through the door, Emilia stumbling on her way in while the others dashed to their seats, baring Emilia, apologising time after time waiting for a 'okay, just sit.' but Emilia just lied there helpless on the floor.

"Hey, you alight?" a mysterious figure towered over the fallen individual offering a hand to her, 

"You need any help?" the figure looked as if to say 'are you going to take the help?' but Emilia was still dazed and looked up, wincing as her hazel eyes adjusted to the shining of the light bulbs looking down on the mortal realm. 

"Alphie, oh hey." now as another friend materialises she takes his hand and stands up as he leads her to their seats.

"So, what was that about?" Alphie pondered to his friend as she got herself together and sat next to him.

"What do you mean?" Emilia looked over to her friend with a questioning look on her face.

"Why'd you all come late today? Your'e never late on a Thursday." Alphie asked as Emilia began to understand the question.

"I missed my bus?" she wasn't sure why she was late, she had forgotten after that trip.

"Hey Em, you do realise your'e not on a bus right?" Alphie began to wonder what she was talking about, she seemed a bit away with the fairies.

"Umm... of course. I was just... testing you Al?" Emilia turned her head while Alphie began to laugh.

"Hey! What's so funny!?" Emilia shouted pulling a fake angry face while Alphie sat in hysterics.


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