School life.

This story follows a group of friends in their day to day life in school.


1. Chapter 1.

"Morning Emilia!" a voice bellowed across the field in an ice cold winter morning while a minuscule blanket of blank, expressionless snow flakes flutter downward to lay gently melting a split second afterwards silently groaning to themselves as they attempt to prolong their short lives.

"Hey Phil, what's up?" Emilia turned to greet him with a smile, her personality shining so brightly that the you could swear summer came around early if you were lucky enough to befriend her.

"We are in music first right?" both of them were people who have extreme talent for music, Phil favouring instruments like the viola in which he could play beautiful symphonies while accompanied by a pianist and Emilia with an amazing sing voice and fantastic guitar skills.

"I think so? Hey how's Liz." Liz was Phil's girlfriend and they had been going out for about 6 months now.

"She's OK, not here today though." By this point they had began trudging along the cold paved path towards the other side of the school building completely eaten by the shimmering mist making them seem like ghosts fading away after fulfilling their purpose on this mortal realm to the point where if you didn't see them in enough detail you could think they were never there to begin with.

"Why, what's up wit - " Emilia tried to reply but was interrupted by a yell from outside of the blanket of existence the two friends were walking through.

"Glad I caught up to you..." a figure panted still being animated by the creators of the universe.

"Geez Millie, were you running or something?" Phil questioning the stranger while Emilia was asking if she was OK or if she needed a drink.

"I had to catch up..." still panting Millie tried to talk and explain how she thought she was late.

"My clock was early by an hour, I was worried. Ha silly right."

"We are now, best hurry up. Think you can walk Mil?" So they began to pace slowly for Millie's sake.

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