Bringing Up Winter Lace |5SOS|

Winter lace have been sending in demos for the past month and still haven't got a reply.
5 seconds of summer have been looking for a new band to take on tour with them but still haven't found the right one.
Will will 5SOS and Winter Lace find one another and work together or will both bands have to look again.


4. Chapter 3 |First Day Of Tour|

Liz's P.O.V.

"Ok girls this is your new tour bus. In the front is the kitchen. The middle is the bunks. And the end is bathroom and lounge. We will be in Chicago in 12 hours so relax and settle in for the time being." And with that the manager left us to our own company. "Ok well I'm about to go to the bunks and get settled." I said then walked off to get first pick of the bunks. I choose the one too middle bunk on the right side which was close to the bathroom but not too close.

Bex's P.O.V.

Uggg we have been on the road for the past 4 hours and I haven't left my bunk well unless you want to count that time I went to pee. Egypt it in the bathroom trying to get all the makeup off of her face. Even though she is always complaining about how much time it take do get waterproof mascara off she still doesn't stop its not even like she cries. Liz is in the back doing who knows what and Jade is next to me and we're watching tv together. GOD its been like this for the last 4 hours.

-8 Hours Later-

Egypt's P.O.V.

After I change into high waisted shorts stockings a black tube top and my blue green flannel I yell for the girls to get ready.

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