Bringing Up Winter Lace |5SOS|

Winter lace have been sending in demos for the past month and still haven't got a reply.
5 seconds of summer have been looking for a new band to take on tour with them but still haven't found the right one.
Will will 5SOS and Winter Lace find one another and work together or will both bands have to look again.


3. Chapter 2 |Meeting|

Egypt's P.O.V.

"Ok, so before we start talking about the tour first you have to sign these papers," I only half listened to the manager as I looked over to see Liz looking over the paper while me Bex and Jade just looked at him with fake interest. "It's just saying that you will go on tour follow our rules and stuff like that. So just sign here, here, and here."

Liz's P.O.V.

All the girls looked over at me to see if the contracts were safe. They have been doing that a lot lately ever since I told them about my past and its many problems and some of this problems involved law school. So I nodded my head saying it was fine and that they can sign it.

3rd Person P.O.V.

The girls signed the paper and the next day they met the boys and now it's the day they leave for tour. Ever since the boys told their fans about Winter Lace the boys and the girls Twitter accounts have been getting a lot more followers.

A/N- Hey like comment star new update tomorrow. 4 days till Christmas. Happy Holidays.

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