Daily Writing Prompts

I've recently signed up to receive daily writing prompts via email. I've decided to share my progress with everyone!

All are welcome to participate also, and I might even start holding contests if you're into that. Lemme know what you think!


1. Dec. 18/15 - 5 Sentences

Challenge: Write 5 good first sentences. Don't worry about the rest of the story for now - just write first sentences. 5 of them.

1) According to the gravestone in front of her, she had been dead for 5 years.

2) It'd been years since she'd ridden a bike, but today she peddled harder than she ever had.

3) He waited, as still and quiet as he could with his heart pounding in his chest.

4) She didn't know where she was going, and she didn't care.

5) She tried to scream, but made no sound; her voice was dry from all the tears.

Here's my tip: Write suspenseful first sentences. Create an atmosphere that will hook readers from the beginning. The sooner you do this, the better.

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