Dear diary


4. not an update >:(


5h fans are fucking twisted.

"Canola Cabello's Jawline is sharper than the blade Ashton uses every night!"

WHAT THE FUCK??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Michael's hairline is gone, just like Ashton's father."

Yeah, Ashton may not have a father. Yes, Ashton may have self harmed. But that doesn't make it right for you to joke about it you sick fucks. In what world is it right to joke about someone's parent leaving them when they were younger? It's times like these that I hate girls, even though I am one.

Also, no I didn't like the cover of rolling stone. And especially not the article. But they whitewashed Calum, wtf??!!! He's dark skinned and they made him white, tf.

One direction fans, as much as I honestly do not like your band, I really, really respect you for helping the 5sosfam the past couple of days.

Well don't mess with two of the biggest, strongest fandoms in the world, am I right?

And to all the 5h fans,

"Your bringing up Ashton's past, what about 5h's future?" Said a wise wise 5sos fan.

Oh, and fuck you, you sick disgusting, twisted bastards.

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