Dear diary


2. Dear diary, thank you, puberty!

Dear diary,


He's gonna be arriving later and he's staying for dinner, oh joy! 







Ben goes out to meet with his friends, and Megan is upstairs on her laptop, so I go out and meet with my boyfriend, Daniel.



As I walk out of the front door, I grab my beanie and quickly put it on. I message Daniel as I walk to his place.



I'll be honest, Daniel hasn't got the biggest house, or the greatest. But he's nice, so it's all good. Well, he's nice to me anyway. I walk up to his door and knock. No reply. I go to knock again, but the door immediately swings open.



"Oh, Anna! Hey baby," There's a sense of anxiousness laced within his voice. At first, I don't think much of it.



"Hi. Are you... Okay?" I ask, stepping inside. I notice that his jeans are unbuttoned.



I walk into the living room and see underwear on the sofa, girl's underwear.



"Dan, who's underwear are those?" I frown. He sighs.



"Anna, don't get mad... It's not what it looks like." He mutters. Tears begin to burn in my eyes.



"What is it then, cause it looks like you've been cheating on me!" I snap. He groans in annoyance.



"Okay, so it's exactly what it looks like. It's just that we haven't had sex for at least a month. I've been wanting you for ages." He kisses my neck but I push him away in disgust.



"You could have just said that Daniel, we're over." I quickly walk out, making sure to slam his door behind me.






I step out of the jet and feel home immediately.



"I can't believe the tour's over, but I'm happy that I'm home." Ashton cheers, pushing me.



"I can't wait to see Anna. I went onto her instagram last night, she's so hot now it's unreal!" I exclaim.



"Isn't that the girl you said was a little brat who used to beat you up all the time?" Mike asks, laughing.



"Yeah, but she's like hot as fuck now." I show him a picture of her that I screenshotted. Thank you, puberty!



"Whoa. She is fit." he grins.



"Yes, but she's mine."


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