Dear diary


3. Dear diary, oh my lord

Dear diary, so this days going great so far. And it's only going to get better!


I walk back into my house, making sure to slam my front door. I go upstairs into my room and lie on my bed.

"Fuck." I mumble. I decide to get changed into my pyjamas as I'm not going out again.

My pyjamas are basically just an old oversized Red Hot Chilli Peppers t-shirt and my Nike track suit bottoms. I don't care if Calum's coming over.

I take my jacket off and my shirt and everything else. I then realise my curtains are open. I walk forward and see Calum staring at me. I quickly close the curtains and scream.

"Shit!" I put my pyjamas on and then go back to the window. He's still there.

What the fuck, oh my god. He's so fit. He's changed so fucking much.

I point to the window, signalling that I want him to open his. He does so and so do I.

"Why the fuck were you perving on me Calum Hood?" I shout. He smirks.

"It wasn't my fault, should've closed your curtains, Anna Green. I don't regret it anyway." He winks. I just flip him off, shut my window and walk away.


I watch from the top of the stairs as Calum walks in and my mum hugs him tightly.

"You've grown up so much! Anna is upstairs, probably listening to some satan worshipping music. Go up and say hi!" She tells him. I roll my eyes at my mum'a remark, but my heart skips a beat as he turns towards the stairs.

I sprint into my room and sit on my spinny chair.

Calum knocks.

"Come in, douchebag!" I yell. He opens the door and looks perfect.

"So, about earlier. You're fucking hot." He grins.

"Fuck me." I think, soon realising that I've actually said it aloud. I drop my head into my hands.

"Oh, so it's like that." He smirks. "I can arrange something princess." When he says princess, my heart melts.

"No. Yeah, you're hot, but I know you're a typical manslut." I restrain myself. His jaw drops. Probably the first time he's been rejected.

"I'm not a manslut, how dare you! You whore." He snaps. I laugh to myself a little.

"Okay, I'm a whore." I giggle.


I'm happy today, I guess. This story is better than I'm making it out to be, it's just leading up to some crazy shit.

Song of the week:

Fall Out Boy: Thnks fr th mmrs

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