Dear diary


5. Dear diary, date!

Dear diary,

This just in! Calum's hot and he wants to go on a date with me.


I will prove I'm not just a typical fuckboy.

"So, your mum said something about devil worshipping music... What was that about?" I ask her. She gets out her phone and plays nighttrain by Guns 'n' Roses.

"Oh.. Right. So you like rock music?" I ask. She nods.

"Yes, more than anything. Apart from Eminem." She laughs. I sit down on her bed.

"Do you have a favourite band?" I ask.

"I don't know... Blink 182 or Fall Out Boy, maybe. Pete Wentz is kinda hot." She replies. I look at her in shock.

"Blink is the best! What's your favourite song?" I'm beginning to like her a lot.

"Definitely Adam's song or stay together for the kids." She tells me.

"What about Fall Out Boy?" I must sound really curious right now.

"The Phoenix. That song is so sick." She replies almost immediately. I nod. She is perfect.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" I ask. She laughs. I take that as a no then.

"I did. Until he cheated because we hadn't had sex in ages or something," she tells me.

"I'm gonna take you on a date tomorrow, to prove that I'm not a manslut. But I still don't regret seeing you half naked." I tell her. She just nods.

"Yeah whatever, and you're gross, manslut." She smiles.

(The next day)

I get up late as usual and just as I sit down to eat breakfast, Mike FaceTimes me. I accept it.

"Yo. How'd it go with Anna? Is she hotter in person?" He asks, brushing his bright red hair.

"Yep, I saw her in her underwear." I reply. He frowns.

"What, you've already fucked her?" He asks. I shake my head.

"Nah... It's a long story. Anyway, we're going on a date later tonight. I'll fuck her then." I lie.

"Yeah, Cal! I would hi five you but for obvious reasons I can do no such thing." He says.

"Should I tell her to come meet me, you and the guys today?" I run my fingers through my hair.

"Yeah, at mine. But don't come until evening, cause my mum's visiting me. " He says. He moved out of his house ages ago.

And now that we're rich, his house is massive.

"Anyway, gotta go." I say as someone begins to call me.

"Bye bitch." Mike says, hanging up. The caller ID just says a number I don't recognise.

"Uh, hello?" I ask, picking up.

"Hi manslut." It's Anna.

"How'd you get my number?" I ask.

"Well... You left your phone on my bed when you went to the bathroom. You should really change your password, 1234 is a bit obvious y'know." She giggles. Her voice is sexy.

"Yeah, maybe I should change it. Anyway, we still up for today?" I asks.

"Of course." She replies.

"Good. I'm gonna prove I'm not a manslut, because I'm not." I tell her.

"Whatever, manslut." She hangs up after that.

I message her, telling her where to meet me, then I go upstairs and get ready.

I'm gonna be very, unusually polite and not talk about fucking her once because then I wouldn't have proved I'm not a manslut.

Only for today, anyway.


I may be sounding like I don't like him, but I call that acting.

After I've done everything, I get changed.

I just put on a Kurt Cobain t-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket, an all black SnapBack and all black Nikes.

I look at the message from Calum, it's says to meet him there at two. It's half one now, so I get ready to leave.

He told me to meet by the woods. So I grab my phone and earphones and walk out of my house listening to man overboard by Blink 182.


When I get there, he's already waiting for me and he's wearing the same top as me.

"Hi." He smiles, taking his sunglasses off. I take my earphones out.

"Hey. So why are we here?" I ask. It's a good job I'm wearing a SnapBack, because it's really hot and my head would be burnt right now.

"You'll see. C'mon" he takes my hand and we walk into the woods.

We walk for about five minutes, until we get to a lake. It's not dirty or full of weeds. The water is clean and crystal clear. It also has lilies dotted in the water. It's beautiful.

"Here we are, it's just how I remember." He says, sitting on a rock. I sit down next to him.

"It's so pretty." I tell him. He nods. He points as two birds sit on the edge of the other side of the lake.

"Those birds used to come here everyday and sing together, it's kinda awesome." He grins. I whistle a tune and the birds whistle it back.

"You wanna know why I used to come here?" He asks. I nod. "Because it gets me away from the world, away from stress, away from the bad stuff going on in the world. Or at least in my head it does." He explains. I smile.

"You're different Hood, you actually have emotions." I say. He laughs. The birds fly away.

"When the birds used to fly away, I left. But you're here so I'll make an exception." He beams at me.

As we're admiring the beauty, his hand creeps to mine and he interlocks our fingers, making my heart beat almost as fast as a rabbit's.

"Am I still a manslut?" He asks. I roll my eyes.

"Nah, you've proven me wrong Hood." I giggle, praying to god that my hand doesn't start to sweat.

"Do you like me... More than a friend?" I ask. He shrugs.

"Maybe..." He winks.

"If you do, I'll give you a heads up about a few things. I'm like the clumsiest person you'll ever meet, ever. I say sorry about literally everything. Like if someone was going to kill me for no reason I'd still apologise. And I'm kinda awkward, I may act all cool, but I'm not." I say. He just squeezes my hand.

"That just makes you seem cuter." He grins. I blush deeply and look away.


Me and Calum are walking down our street and a girl behind us keeps looking at Calum funnily.

"Excuse me, are you Calum Hood?" She taps Calum on the shoulder.

"Yes." He smiles. It's a fan. She gets her phone out.

"Can I have a picture with you? I love you!" She's cute.

"Yeah sure. And I love you too." He laughs. She passes me her phone.

"Can you take it for me?" I nod. She gets up her camera and passes her phone to me.

I take the picture and quickly give her her phone back.

"Is she your girlfriend? She's really pretty. And you have matching shirts! Cute!" She whispers to him before waving and walking away.

"Sorry a-" I cut him off.

"Nah, she was cool." I say.

"Do you want to go to my friend, Michael's house? I'm not sure if you remember him." He asks.

"Yeah, sure. And I think I do remember him. He was that small, weird looking kid who was like your best friend." I reply. He nods.

"I'll beat you to the end of the street." He raises an eyebrow. I laugh.

"We'll see about that." I say, as we both sprint.

Halfway there, I trip over my untied shoelaces, and fall into Calum.

"Sorry! I'm sorry Calum." I giggle. He helps me up.

"You were right, you apologise too much. You okay?" He asks. I just nod and we carry on walking.

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