B.I.T.C.H! (Best most Intelligent, Truthful, Creative, Human being on the planet!)
B.I.T.C.H! Is about a girl who learns how to fight her own battles through the lessons of being a teenager.


2. Starting Over Again

Chapter 1

             Leaving, leaving my house, my hometown, my everything. Starting over again with my mom, running away from my dad and the problems we can't solve. Why does it feel like I'm a nobody with no choices about where or why were leaving. Why does it feel like everything is about to change. Unknown of where we were going, we have now driven to far for going back to be an option. Gazing out the window I put my headphones in to tune out the rest of the world. As I gaze I slowly drift away to dreaming. My imagination sometimes results in frightening me, for only my imagination could create only the worst possible scenario for everything. Drifting, drifting slowly into a deep sleep.

            Waking up to a stiff neck and legs that are still asleep, I hear the noises of car horns and the smell of smoke and gas. Opening my eyes to reveal we have now driven into a city. Seeing a sign showing the name of the city I read "Toronto". My first impression of the city was that it was impossible to drive through without hours of traffic and there were so many people you couldn't even see the sidewalk. Unknown of how living in this over-populated city was even possible my mom notices that I'm now awake. "Oh!, You're up!" Turning my head to face her without speaking I show her how I was not impressed by my facial expression. Giving me a sympathetic look she expressed, "now I know that it isn't perfect here, but for now here is home" she stated. turning my head back to look out the window I see a woman holding a little girls hand. I see the little girl crying as she kept pointing to the other side of the street where there was a toy store. The mother being reluctant to give in, she shook her head and continued walking. Sighing I lean back in my chair and start to see similarities between the little girls problem and mine. Seeing myself like the little girl I wanted to stay in my hometown, but my mother shook her head just like the reluctant mother had. Getting lost in my thoughts I had not realized how close we actually were to my new temporary home. 

            Looking around I come to realize that this is my new life, having butterflies in my stomach I try to see if I can guess which house is mine. Passing street after street I finally turn to my mother and ask. "Which one is ours?" She turned and smiled at me and said. "44 Peach st." "How peachy" I said smirking, I heard a little giggle come out of my mom. Finally turing onto Peach St. I look around to try and find the number 44. 34, 36, 38 "There" I said pointing to house number 44 and looking at my mom. "This is it" Mom said slightly smiling. Being completely honest I hated the fact that we had arrived but also didn't care at the moment cause my body was crazy stiff from being in a car for seven hours. Getting out of our new F-150 Lariat red Ford I grab a bit of what we didn't have in our moving truck. My mom grabbed the key out of her purse "Here we go!" My mom said smiling. Opening the door I notice right away how massive this house was. Dark brown wooden floors with nice lighter brown walls. Taking my first few steps into this house I instantly felt that I didn't belong. 

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