B.I.T.C.H! (Best most Intelligent, Truthful, Creative, Human being on the planet!)
B.I.T.C.H! Is about a girl who learns how to fight her own battles through the lessons of being a teenager.


3. Moving In

​Chapter 2


            Hesitating, I start to continue walking inside. A feeling of realization that I am no longer in a small town, but a big city. Realizing that I know no one, and no one knows me. I don't understand why I have to start all over again when my life was perfectly fine before. Taking my first couple of steps inside, my mom turns around to face me. "Emma, why don't you go pick your room?" She asked while smiling. I don't understand why we moved but I guess that I will just have to accept the fact that I live here now. "Okay." I replied adding a fake smile to make my mom feel less awful for bringing me out here.

           ​ It took me a second to find the stairs, but there they were right beside the kitchen. As I walked up I could tell the second floor wasn't as new as the first. The walls were covered in floral, pink wallpapers that reminded me of an old lady's house. Also, lets not forget the old carpeting on the floor that was a gross more yellow than white colour. Revolted I turned right to see a thin hallway with a bathroom on the left and three different doors, leading to three different rooms on the right. Walking down the hall I see the first room, it was small and was painted blue. It looked more like an office or guest bedroom. Continuing walking I see the second room, fairly large painted red this time. Being the master bedroom I knew it was reserved for my mother. Looking out of the room I see at very end of the hall a door, but this door was different. All the other doors were white, but this last door, my door, was blue. Opening the door I see an average size room, it had hardwood floors like downstairs and white walls. Looking straight from my door I could see two more doors but leading to a balcony. Walking over I tried opening the balcony doors but it was locked, I needed a key. Taking a deep breath I set my stuff that I had brought in from the truck down and took one more glance before going back downstairs to meet mom.

  ​         Downstairs me and my mom were discussing what we should do with dinner. "So, the moving truck isn't here until Friday. So until then we have to order in, what do you want to get tonight?" My mom asked surprisingly calmly. I could tell that she was upset with the moving truck that was going to be three days late but there was something else. I couldn't tell what was bothering her but I just let it go and smiled. "I saw a pizza place on the way here, wanna get some?" She smiled and nodded her head. "Ill order, wha-" "Mushrooms, green peppers, and pepperoni" I said smiling due to answering her question before she could even ask. My mom chuckled. "You got it" Having the pizza get delivered me and my mom sat on the cold wooden floor of our kitchen and began eating the pizza.

    ​       Later on me and my mom were getting ready for bed. We didn't have our mattresses yet due to the truck company calling in and letting us know it was going to be late, but we brought sleeping bags and pillows just in case this would happen. Smart on our part I would say. Walking into my bedroom I laid my sleeping bag down on the right side in the bottom right corner getting an idea of where I would want to set up my bed. Laying down I instantly miss my friends, my family, my dad... I always thought life was soo good there. Although I guess it wasn't good enough for my mom and she had to get into a fight with my dad and now look where we are. Taking a deep breath to calm my thoughts down I closed my eyes and hoped to just get through the first night. Once again as I closed my eyes I started falling into a deep sleep.


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