B.I.T.C.H! (Best most Intelligent, Truthful, Creative, Human being on the planet!)
B.I.T.C.H! Is about a girl who learns how to fight her own battles through the lessons of being a teenager.


1. introduction

People see me as a freak. A nerd. A geek. And a loser. I'm a nobody and I'm invisible. I want to be noticed or even seen by anyone so badly. But being seen comes with a cost. My cost would be by losing myself, my personality, my everything. In high school you always have to double check before doing or saying anything. Because everything comes with a cost that we all will have to pay. I have to choose wisely and correctly if I want to just stay as I am and be myself. That was me 1 year ago, now I'm what I feared I would be....... A bitch! And now let me tell you how I got there.


Authors Note: Hey guys I know I have multiple books in writing but I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek of this new book to come!! Chapters will be coming up in bunches or groups. So come and check out my new chapters soon!!!

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