A Monsters Secret

Alice Squires is hiding a dark secret that no one can ever find out. Her human family and friends at least. And if they do find out- she will die.
Despite this knowledge, the people involved in her secret is desperate to have her help them, if not her secret will be out.
In blood, lies, and tears, Alice fights for her freedom even if it means she will become the thing she hates the most. A killer.


3. The Hunger

No. That smell... It was so familiar. And dangerous. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around but the smell was overwhelming. I gasped for breath, dying for fresh air that wasn't contaminated. I couldn't let myself fall into the temptation that this delicious smell brought. Holding my breath I walked back to the park and was relieved that Mathias has left. The smell was gone and I was able to breath well again. Although I felt my eye changing.

That was close. Sighing I decided that it was too dangerous to be outside where my hunger would be peaked to its fullest. When I got near the house I ran to inhuman speed and jumped in the opened window that lead to my room. I silently landed on my feet and closed the window.

Breathing heavily I leaned against the wall, my hunger must be taking its toll on my body now. Soon I would be dead and gone, not a monster anymore. I wonder if my spirit- if I had one- would be forgiven and allowed in heaven. I felt a bloody tear run down my cheek and I wiped it away.

If I was to die so soon, I should be with my family. Give them one last good memory before I couldn't anymore. I got up and opened the door and walked down to the living room. Mom was sitting on the couch watching a movie and my sister was there with her. Dad must be in his office working still.

"Hey." I silently said and they both looked at me in shock. I have not spent time with them for a very long time.

"Hey honey. How are you feeling?" Mom asked me. I smiled and then sat down.

"Great mom. I think I'm getting better." I told her and she smiled at me in return.

"Good enough to go to school tomorrow?" She asked, always her typical self. She wanted us to have a good education and get somewhere in life. So going to school was a high priority. Unless you almost came to death or in my case had already died.

I smiled again and chuckled. "Maybe. What are you guys watching?" I said, trying to change the subject. She seemed to have gotten the hint and told me it was a movie on some channel. I nodded and started to watch it when dad came in. Something smelled really good and I looked at him. He was carrying a tray of chocolate covered fruit.

"Oh hey honey. Finally out of your room? That's great." He said and sat down beside me. I smiled than noticed a small band aid on his thumb. A blotch of blood was stained on it, meaning it was a fresh cut. I stared and felt really hungry again, and I noticed that I didn't have my eye patch on.

Hastily I stood up and stared walking away. I just could not get a break today. It's like life itself was testing my strength against hunger. "Where are you going?" Ami asked. I didn't bother to stop walking away.

"I am tired." I said and bounded up the stairs two at a time. Ami sigh reached my ears and I closed my door. My breath came out heavy and I fell to the ground. It felt like my stomach was going to eat me instead. A moan passed my lips and I could still smell his blood, his flesh. I started to cry as I felt my teeth sharpen and my eye change. I was ready to devour everyone I see.

I conjoined up the strength to walk and I went to the window. I knew that if I didn't get out soon I might kill my family. The people I love. Crying I rushed outside and started running. The smell of flesh and blood consumed me and I was so hungry. I screamed and felt dizzy, I couldn't stop myself. I might not stop myself for killing.

"Alice?" A voice broke through my hunger and I realized I was in a small clearing that Mathias was in. He had a girl with him who looked scared and embarrassed. I didn't realize what was happening but I could only look at her naked flesh. The flesh that could help me live, that could stop my pain.

The next thing I knew I was biting into the girl, eating her flesh. Her warm and delicious blood trickled down to my neck and I moaned. I couldn't help it. I continued to eat and devour the human until I felt happy and on top of the clouds. Even after that I couldn't stop, I couldn't not eat.

"Alice? Stop. Please. She's dead." It was Mathias' voice. I stopped and looked towards him. Reality came crashing down and I started to cry. "It's ok Alice. You must have been starved. It's ok." He said in a hushed tone. Confused I looked him in the eyes and noticed his was black with red irises. "It's ok."

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