A Monsters Secret

Alice Squires is hiding a dark secret that no one can ever find out. Her human family and friends at least. And if they do find out- she will die.
Despite this knowledge, the people involved in her secret is desperate to have her help them, if not her secret will be out.
In blood, lies, and tears, Alice fights for her freedom even if it means she will become the thing she hates the most. A killer.


7. Planning Saturday

When I walked into biology Jaccob was sitting down writing notes. Oddly enough he was sitting beside my own seat, looking at me. When I got seated I leaned over to whisper to him. "Did you always sit here?" I asked him. Jaccob chuckled and looked at me.

"No. I sat in front of you." He said and pointed at the seat.

"But how did I not notice you?" I asked him, confused.

"Maybe because you were too busy taking care of your friend and her grades, instead of the other class mates." He suggested. I nodded, accepting his opinion.

Mr. White started class and he didn't even seem fazed that I had a new partner. I wanted to continue talking to Jaccob and get to know him better. For some reason he grabbed my interest and I couldn't fully focus on anything else but him. His body heat was radiating and his voice when he talked in c lass sent shivers down my spine. Could I be crushing on Jaccob, even though I just meet him?

The last few minutes of class Mr. White allowed us to study for the up coming test. I turned to Jaccob with a raised eye brow. "What in the world did I miss? We were just learning the brain parts and now we are learning.... This." I said. Jaccob revealed his cute dimple and it melted my heart a little.

"Well you did miss two weeks of class. Don't worry, with that brain of yours, you will catch up in a couple days." He said. I nodded and looked down at the text book. Sheepishly I looked back up at him.

"You know how I told Melissa that you were helping me get back on track? Do you think you can actually help me? From what I witnessed in class you are very smart yourself." I asked him. Jaccob smiled and put an arm over my shoulder in a friendly way.

"Of course your highness. But what do I get in return?" He asked jokingly.

"Time with me of course. I'll even buy us coffee." I winked and the bell rang.

"That is an offer I simply cannot pass up. Let me tell you one thing though, I am not easy going when studying or anything." He laughed. "When do you want to meet up? It should be before next Friday." He asked.

I pursed my lips and looked down at my hands. Because I just met him I didn't want to seem too clingy and jump the gun, nor did I want to wait until the last minute to know everything before the test. This was the last big one before winter break and the mid- terms. "How about Saturday?" I asked him. He smiled and took away his arm as we got ready to leave.

His body stood tall and confident, his muscles stretching his shirt in a delicious way and his jeans hung low in a heavenly manner. "That's fine with me. What's you number so I can ask when to pick you up and where." He asked. I gave it to him and he put his number in my phone. "See you later Alice." He said with a dimple and turned to leave.

I bit my lip as I watched his butt move while he was walking. He looked like he could be a model, and I never noticed him before. Nor did Melissa. How could we miss seeing such a hot guy?

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