A Monsters Secret

Alice Squires is hiding a dark secret that no one can ever find out. Her human family and friends at least. And if they do find out- she will die.
Despite this knowledge, the people involved in her secret is desperate to have her help them, if not her secret will be out.
In blood, lies, and tears, Alice fights for her freedom even if it means she will become the thing she hates the most. A killer.


6. Making It

I breathed a sigh of relief as the bell rang for lunch. So far it has been great at school, no one asked me a lot about what happened or why I was gone for so long. The teachers took pity and gave me all my assignments I missed and told me to hand them in after the Christmas break was done. Which is in a week.

All the tests that would be given out soon I could do after the break and no one blinked an eye that I was back now. My close friends pretended as if they were helping me through my troubles the past few weeks away from school but in all reality they didn't even say a word. That spoke something loud and clear and I grew tired of them easily.

I now knew who I couldn't trust and who wasn't my friends, and that would be everyone. My sister was the best person who I could trust but how could I tell her my problems and everything when she can barely handle the lie of me being raped and almost killed. She would die and lose her mind if she found out that I was an actual monster that had to kill humans to live.

Quickly I got up and headed to my locker. I got my books for the classes after lunch and went to the cafeteria. When I got there I realized just how much I did not belong here. Everyone was eating and chatting and being... Human. The smell of human food revolted me and wanting to make me gag, but the sweet aroma from the people almost covered up the stench.

My stomach growled and I started breathing deeply. The smell was overwhelming, my hunger started to return. Gasping for breath now I clutch my book bag straps and felt my eye turning. Scared I bowed my head and rushed to the nearest bathroom and opened it. Luckily no one was in there. I went it's a stall and took a seat trying to calm my breath.

Slowly my hunger went away and I was relaxed a little bit. Happy that I didn't eat anyone's head off near me I went out of the stall and was scared to see a guy at a urinal. He caught sight of me and he too was shocked and jumped. "What the fuck are you doing in here?" He asked me.

"What?" I asked.

"It's a guys bathroom you dumb ass."

"Oh my goodness. I thought it was the girls. I'm sorry in some of them we have urinals as well." I explained myself. I blushed and turned away. "I am so sorry." I told him and rushed out of here. When I existed the bathroom people stared at me as if I was a lunatic and I blushed much more harder.

Trying to keep my back straight and chin up I walked to the top floor where the library was and decided that I would spend my time in there for lunch. Possibly all lunches if I can't stop my hunger from overtaking me. Sighing I sat down in a chair that was near a window and looked outside. Barely any snow was covering the ground and the sun was gone for the day.

It looked gloomy and the people outside only reminded me of what I had to eat. They were like cattle to ghouls and the chance that one of them might be my next meal scared me. I felt a year slip down my eye and I rubbed it away. "Why are you crying?" A deep voice asked me. Startled I looked up to see the guy from the bathroom.

"I told you I was sorry. Why did you follow me?" I asked him. The guy chuckled in return. Pearly white teeth showed and dimples made me blush a little. This guy in front of me was quite attractive in a way. His brown hair was long enough to put in a small pony tail and he was muscular and had some strange tattoos on his upper arm. The bottom of the tattoo was only visible though because of his shirt.

The guy sat down. "Are you just going to stare at me like you want me or do you want a friend to talk to?" He asked in a sarcastic voice that only seemed to make him more hot. I blushed again and looked away.

"Sorry. But do you actually go here? I never seen you before." I said.

"Ouch. That hurts. We share English and Biology together. And I been growing up with you guys ever since I was born." He said.

"Oh." It was all I could muster up. "So why did you follow me?" I asked trying to change the subject. Then I realized we never switched names. "My name is-"

"Alice. I know. My name is Jaccob. And for the reason I decided that I wanted to talk to you, is because you seemed very lonely and a girl in a guys bathroom just turned me on." He joked at the end. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

"I bet that doesn't happen a lot." I said.

"No. Anyways I got to go and lunch is almost about to end. Nice talking to you Alice." He said and turned to leave. I couldn't help but stare at his amazing butt and he walked away. When he turned around I blushed and pretended that I was staring. His chuckle was loud enough for me to hear and I smiled as well.

Meeting him and talking to him actually made my day better. Now I didn't have to worry about skipping out of the last two periods because of my mistake and I also had Biology last period which meant that I would see him again.

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