A Monsters Secret

Alice Squires is hiding a dark secret that no one can ever find out. Her human family and friends at least. And if they do find out- she will die.
Despite this knowledge, the people involved in her secret is desperate to have her help them, if not her secret will be out.
In blood, lies, and tears, Alice fights for her freedom even if it means she will become the thing she hates the most. A killer.


5. A Stolen Fresh Start

I sat on my bed listening to my family sleeping. They sounded at peace and I wished that I could feel the same way. Whenever I closed my eyes I seen the girl I brutally murdered. I woke up crying the first time I seen her, soon after I became emotionless and numb. As if I was in a zombie like state, which would be more true now than ever.

When I looked over at the clock on my bed stand it read six. I decided to get up and curl my hair, trying to look more beautiful than the broken girl who I am. Trying to cover up my murder, trying to make it seem as if I was beautiful outside as I was inside. But that is impossible.

Trying to distract myself I noticed that my hair smelled like vanilla, since it was the scent of the shampoo I used last night at Mathias's house. He said that all the girls in his ghoul pack agreed they liked that scent, but personally I enjoyed coconut. I have coconut bathroom supplies, lotion, and perfume. You could call me almost obsessed with the scent but I just enjoyed it.

Sighing I continued to work on my appearance by doing my hair, putting on good make up, and wearing light coloured jeans with a white long sleeve that hung to my body in just the right way. To add a small touch I put on a red scarf and done a double take at myself in the mirror. My appearance was stunning, everyone told me I was extremely beautiful and before I became moody and... Nonhuman I have been asked to dates a handful of time. Every time I said no though, I was never the one who was looking for love.

Before I aspired to be the smarted student and to achieve scholarships so I could go to a great university and make something of myself. After the incident I didn't think that could be possible, that I should have given up. But Mathias told me last night that I should carry on as if nothing happened, to continue to do whatever I use to do. So I planned on it.

Maybe if I studied hard enough and consumed myself in school work and hopefully a job, the guilt that I will forever hold will be tamed a little bit. Quickly I grabbed my book bag and phone, then headed downstairs to the kitchen where I could smell food being cooked and people chattering. When I entered the room Ami stared at me in surprise and my mom stopped cooking. "You're actually going to school? And where's that eye patch of your?" Mom asked.

"Yes. And I don't think I need it anymore. My eye is... Better." I said. Mathias told me last night that since I ate I shouldn't have my eye turning on its own. I trusted him and so far he was true.

"That's great honey. I'm so happy you decided to carry on with a normal life." She said. I forced a smile and looked at the time.

"You know. I think I'm going to walk to school. I haven't gotten exercise in forever." I said and started to head out. Mom muttered under her breath and I put on black high heels and headed out the door. It was pretty warm out despite being winter, and I suppose it's because I wasn't human anymore. Mathias said that my temperature would be different since I fully allowed my body to transition- into a half ghoul- and adapt to the changes.

My senses were heightened and I was more aware of everything. Smiling the weather and everything else this morning started off with was amazing. Besides the murder I caused, it seemed ok. I turned on music and pressed 'Antidote'. An amazing song that I was slowly becoming obsessed with.

When I got to school people just started coming in but I surely made heads turn. It was like they haven't seen me at all, which someone might not have since I was gone for a long time. I breathed in cool air and let it relax me. "You can do this Alice. You have a fresh new start at life. Even if it was stolen. You better make the best of this." I muttered under my breath and headed inside of the school.

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