A Monsters Secret

Alice Squires is hiding a dark secret that no one can ever find out. Her human family and friends at least. And if they do find out- she will die.
Despite this knowledge, the people involved in her secret is desperate to have her help them, if not her secret will be out.
In blood, lies, and tears, Alice fights for her freedom even if it means she will become the thing she hates the most. A killer.


9. A Changed Date

Sleep did not agree with me last night no matter how hard I tried. Today was the big day of hanging out with Jaccob, and for some reason I couldn't wait. It was like I was put under a spell, and too weak to care. I was just looking for a distraction, I was looking for something to show any resemblance of humanity.

The sun started to rise with different coloured hues painted across the sky. A new day, a new chance to prove that I still had some humanity left in me. Even though I was a monster in disguise. I got out of bed and turned off my alarm clock that was supposed to go off in half an hour.

Stretching I thought back to last night when Ami talked to me. She looked genuinely concerned and worried about me. That put a frown on my face, despite being my sister it felt as if she new something. Something that she didn't want me to know. I shook my head, I was most likely being paranoid.

I turned to the mirror. Ever since I killed and fed, my looks has changed a little. More inhuman in a sense of beauty, and more enticing. Like the enhanced looks a vampire would have in Hollywood to get their prey easily. A cold shiver crept up my spine with that thought. Yes, I could get a lot of people to easily follow me to a place where I could kill them. But I don't have enough insanity in me to fulfill that thought.

Deciding to leave that thought locked in an imaginary drawer, I turned around and went over to my closet. I picked out a white dress that came down to my mid thigh, with long sleeves that covered parts of my hand. It was lacy and absolutely beautiful. Ami picked it out this summer when we went out on vacation. Slipping it on I looked down at my legs, realizing that u should probably shave first.

Irritation grabbed hold as I took off the dress and grabbed two towels that hung on my door. I just wanted to get ready as fast as I could and see if I could find Mathias before I went out with Jaccob. He must know a way to get rid of my slight hunger cravings without actually having to eat for the next couple of days. I didn't want to ruin today at all, I wanted Jaccob to like me back.

I wrapped a towel around me and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Quickly I turned on the water and out in a plug. Deciding to make the best of this I added bubble bath soap that smelled like strawberries and tied my long hair up in a messy bun. I grabbed my razor and put it on the side of the bathtub and brushed my teeth, waiting for the tub to fill up.

When I rinsed my mouth I looked at my teeth. Any stained that were on them were now gone, replaced with ones to chew through human flesh. I touched one and felt the points of it. It was sharpe and if I was human it would have cut my with the slightest bit of pressure.

I sighed and looked at the tub. It was filled high now and I turned it off. Slowly I got in to adjust to the hot water and relaxed. The water felt amazing, this was what I really needed. After a couple minutes of just laying in the water I grabbed my razor and started to shave my legs.

My hand jerked for no reason and the razor cut into my skin. It was only a small nick since my skin was changed, but it still drew blood. I went to wipe the blood away and when I did I noticed that the cut was gone. Blinking I looked at the spot where I was just bleeding from. Did I really just heal that fast?

I gulped and stared at the razor. That was just weird, I didn't like healing so fast. It just proved my inhumanity. I continued on having and once done I drained the tub and washed it out. Finally done getting cleaned up I changed and brushed my hair out. It was pin straight and down to my waist now, absolutely white as the snow.

Maybe wearing a lot of white wasn't so bad. After all I looked beautiful and godly now after I changed into a monster. Like a model that was too beautiful to not be from hell. I laughed as I twirled around. Before I would not where a lot of clothes that made me stand out with my paleness. But now I was accepting it.

I put on red lip stick and deodorant. After I put on white high heels that were in the back of my closet and did a once over on my reflection. It was stunning, I could easily snatch anyone up with one glance. My phone buzzed and grabbed my attention. I looked at the caller ID and smiled. It was Jaccob.

"Hello?" I picked up.

"Good. You're up. I have plans in the afternoon that I forgot about, and I was wondering if you wanted to grab breakfast and learn some awesome biology." He said, the last part dripping with sarcasm. I giggled.

"Totally. I'm ready now actually if you wanted to go. Pick me up in 15?" I asked him.

"Totally. Don't forget your book bag. See you soon Alice." He said and hung up.

On the way out of my room I grabbed my book bag with some money. I headed into the living room and seen my sister reading a book. She looked up with a smile. Once she seen me her mouth popped open a little. "Wow. You look amazing. I can't believe my eyes." She said.

I smiled again. "Thanks sis." I said. She then raised her eye brow.

"Does this have anything to do with this new guy you told me about last night?" She asked. I nodded in response.

"He wanted to go to breakfast. And is coming to pick me up in a couple minutes." I told her. She got up with a huge smile and hugged me.

"I hope he doesn't try anything. I'm serious. If it wasn't considered incest and I was a male, I would totally dig you." She said.

A real laugh came out of me. It was good to hear and a car honked. I turned to the window and saw Jaccob waiting in a black jeep. "That's him now. See you later sis. Love you." I told her and rushed out. When I got in the jeep Jaccob stared at me.

"Wow. You look... Amazing." He spoke and blinked. "Glad to be able to show people that I have a cute girl in my jeep. Even if it's just to help her with school." He joked.

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