Finding You

Secrets, the foundation of life.. well mine at least, living a life in the shadows can have it’s fun, by why not tease everyone with it? I’ve seen in Aaa’s paper all about my appearance, nobody knows who I am, but how come one song brought me to meet the most baddest boy in Aaa, I think I knew him.. Marsh?!


2. Part One: Remember..




I ran, cries from the little toddler in my arms made me dash further into the forest.. scrapes and bruises left me weak against Simone.

    “It’s okay little Marsh, you’ll be okay, he wont hurt you no more.. I’ve got you.” I held 4 year old Marshall in my arms and kissed his forehead.. pain in my legs made me drop against a tree and let out a cry.. I felt little arms wrap around me and give a little squeeze.. as a laugh sounded in the distance and all I thought of was to get him safe, so I did what I had to.

    I got up, picked up Marshall and once more tried to limp as fast as I could to the lake, my blue hair whipping behind me.. finally.. the border.. I saw at the land before the water that will lead him to safety.. I looked down at the tear streaked Marshall and mewed softly giving him a kiss on the forehead before putting him down and lifting my charm off my neck..

    “Never forget me Marsh, we will meet again, when the moon is the brightest shade of blue. This will keep you safe, whenever you need me just hold this tightly, I love you Marshall, never forget that..” I kissed his head once more and threw him across the water before disappearing, a final tear slid down my cheek..


Please Remember Me..


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