So my first book I ever wrote is now being rewritten because of how bad I had written it.. so I hope you like it


1. School

I woke up at three in the morning again. For some ungodly reason i woke up super early and go to bed late. The only good thing about this is that I can do whatever I wanted while I was up early. I just had to wait for the hot californian sun to rear its fat head and then I would start to get ready. First I decided it may be a good Idea to actually clean a little. First I grabbed my phone and connected it to my speaker I opened my radio app and started to play the pop station. I looked around my room and decided to pick up the various Notebooks and other goodies from Newspaper and Yearbook. I was the head editor for Newspaper and I was an Editor for Yearbook. I was a Senior this year and me and my best friend Shay were going to make it the best year ever. 

Shay was going to pick me up early today so we could choose news stories. I got ready in some salmon colored pants and a navy blue and white striped shirt. I topped off my whole outfit with my blue toms. I then grabbed my backpack and went downstairs to the kitchen. I made some oatmeal and waited for my parents to wake up. Soon Shay was at my house and I left. 

"Hey Shay what's going on?" I asked getting into his car.

"Well I have gotten the selections for you down to a minimum but I am still debating whether or not to give you your early birthday gift." 

"Shay I told you I didn't need anything!" I said with a small laugh that was Shay for you, doesn't listen to a single thing you say. 

"I know but you will like this I know it." He said I rolled my eyes and turned up the music. 

We soon got to the school and went to the J-lab or journalism classroom. I unlocked the doors and got to work. We marked up our Idea sheet until it was done. 

"Perfect! We have all the Ideas and we can start writing them on the board." I said clapping my hand and going over to my cabinet. I pulled out my Starwars mug and a thing for hot chocolate. I then went into our black room that someone converted into a small kitchen and made my hot chocolate and also cleaned the other mugs that were in there. I dried the muds off and placed them in the 'mug corner' I sipped my hot chocolate while Shay helped my rewrite everything. Once school started we went our separate ways and started our day. 

By third period I was tired and ready to sleep, but I knew that I had to step up and lead the group. 

"Ok so Shay and I picked the stories and these are the ones that we decided on. Front cover, we were hoping that if anyone wanted to make the front cover they could help out and learn from Chelsey. Fourth and fifth page will be photo essay, Second will be the Highlight then Third will be the quiz. " After I read through all the pages and online things everyone went to work. Some people started making a story while others decided to email people for interviews. By the time that period was over I had sent out only one email but I did finish cleaning out the lab. 

As lunch rolled around Shay and I meet upstairs, once we dropped off our bags we went to the lunchroom, as we walked the announcements came on.

"Students please report to the Gym after lunch for an assembly. Angel Blackwater and Shane Murphy have permission to grab cameras and then head to the assembly." We grabbed our food and walked to the Jlab again. I made sure the camera was okay and then we soon just headed down to the gym. I saw the stage set up and I walked to the behind the scenes area. In other words the back hallway. 

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