Best Friends?

The year is 2010. Layla Smith, a 14 year old girl from Sydney, Australia, has a best friend, Calum Hood. Her life is perfect through everyone's eyes, but a move to the UK will change all that.

The year is 2015. Layla is working as a music producer for Capitol Records and has a new client. But who is it? And will everything be the same as before?


1. 2010 - Where It All Began


Layla's POV

"Pass me the ball Cal!" I called across the pitch to my best friend. Cal and I were playing football (A/N: soccer for any Americans out there) for our school's mixed team. We were leading 5-1 but according to our asshole of a coach, this wasn't enough. He passed the ball square to me and I dribbled towards the goal out-skilling anyone in my way until it was just a one on one with me and the keeper. I did a 360 and took a shot, it penetrated the back of the net making it 6-1. I could hear the yells of celebration from my team and my friends in the stands, particularly my boyfriend Blake.

The final whistle went ending the game. We'd won our semi-final. For the first time ever we'd got through to the final and if we won that, our school sports facilities would get a refurbishment!

I ran off the pitch into Blake's arms. He picked me up and swing me around in circles, "well done my fabulous football female!" He shouted. I laughed at the poor alliteration and at how loud he was. Our lips met in a kiss which was rudely interrupted by a cough coming from behind me.

"Sorry to interrupt the love fest but Corey's having a party tonight to celebrate and the whole team's gonna be there. You coming?" Calum asked. I looked at Blake. Calum sighed, "Blake can come too."

"Then we'll be there." I replied.

*At the party*

Sweaty bodies everywhere. Ringing in my ears from the loud music. Feeling of sickness from all the disgusting people swallowing each other. Those three sentences pretty much sum up my experience of this party so far. I looked around to find Blake because he was my ride home.

"Blake? Blake? Has anyone seen Blake?" I yelled. Well as much as I could due to the music undermining my shouts. I looked around some more and found him, but not where I wanted him.

There he was, the bastard, eating Tiffany Wood's face off in the corner. I mean, they were basically having sex on the sofa. I felt myself get angry and stormed away to find Cal.

Luckily for me he was sober as well. He looked at me with confusion when he saw how angry I was. I knew exactly what he was going to ask.

"One word. Blake." I said gritting my teeth.

His face turned from confusion to thinking to pure anger and hatred. He stormed past me and found Blake still lip-locked with the slut.

"How dare you!" He screamed, grabbing Blake by the scruff of his neck.

"How dare I what?" Blake asked. He hadn't noticed me yet. Cal stepped out from in front of me revealing me to Blake. His face was priceless. It just had 'oh shit' written all over it. By now we'd gathered quite the crowd.

"Look I can expl-" He began.

"I don't want to hear it." I interrupted holding my hand up. "You have been kissing her for about hmmm," I checked my watch, "half an hour now? So cut the bullshit Blake, you obviously never really cared. Your 'fabulous football female' is no longer yours, you've changed to the 'cock fucking, cheerleading cunt' now so go count yourself lucky that I'm not beating the shit out of you right now, because I could be."

He scoffed, "yeah right, like you could ever beat me up. You're only a girl."

"Want me to prove it?" I challenged.

"Be my guest. Punch me in the face."

So I did. As hard as I could, and there was a crack. And it wasn't my hand, it was his brow bone. I followed it up with a punch in the stomach and a kick where the sun don't shine.

"That'll hurt." I shrugged, "but don't worry, I'm only a girl." With that I turned away out of the party leaving him gobsmacked and in pain. I heard footsteps behind me so I turned around, it was Cal.

"Need a ride?" He asked.

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