Best Friends?

The year is 2010. Layla Smith, a 14 year old girl from Sydney, Australia, has a best friend, Calum Hood. Her life is perfect through everyone's eyes, but a move to the UK will change all that.

The year is 2015. Layla is working as a music producer for Capitol Records and has a new client. But who is it? And will everything be the same as before?


2. 2010 - Realisation


Calum's POV


How could he do such a thing to such a wonderful girl? God, Blake is so lucky she can stand up for herself otherwise he wouldn't remember tonight, and not just because of the alcohol.


Whilst I was driving I heard some sniffles and whimpers from my left hand side: Layla. This had obviously upset her more than she cares to show. She's a strong, resilient woman but people forget that she's human too because she's always putting others first. Blake was so lucky to have her, she doesn't deserve him, she deserves to be with someone who'll care about her 24/7, hold her hand when she's upset, join her in her happiness, care for her

when she's ill and run around with her when she's hyper. I would do all those things with her but I don't like her that way, do I?


A/N Hey guys! I'm back after like 2 years, things have been a little rough recently but I've been told that writing can help so I was recommended to write on here again! Updates will be slow as I am very busy but it feels good to be back! ~ Kata

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