This Love


2. Two

Michael's POV

I hang up my phone after my talk with Taylor. A call my bandmates convinced me to make. I took Taylor's number from Ashton's phone and then forced myself to call her. "Was that really necessary? All that noise?"

Ashton laughs and hits me on the back. "Come on Mikey. You and Taylor are cute together."

I look at Calum and Luke and they agree with what Ashton just said. "Come on guys. Taylor and I don't even know each other."

"Yeah, but if and when Taylor joins us on some tour dates, you guys can get to know each other." Calum says.

"What about you guys? Don't forget that we are now going to work with Taylor on a song if she can join us." I say.

I grab a water bottle. I look around the room and can't believe that we made it to where we are now. I sometimes wake up and forget that I'm even famous until I go on Twitter or something. I do wish that I was a normal person sometimes, but I also love this life.

"If she join us." Luke says.

"He just said that Luke..." Ashton says. He takes a pillow and throws it at him.

Luke catches it, but then drops it, resulting in all of us laughing.

"Nice one Lucas. Nice one." Calum says.

"My name's Luke, not Lucas!" Luke complains.

I walk to him and pat him on the back. "Calm down."

And he does. He's a strange person really. No lie there. Then again though, the whole band is made up of strange people.

"I ship you two." Calum comments. I turn around.

"Me and Taylor?"

"Yeah. The media's crazy really. Saying she dates every guy she talks to?" Ashton says. He's sitting on the edge of a table.

No one says anything. "Let's talk more about this later." Luke says. "We have to go to an interview."

We get into the car that's waiting for us and head to our radio interview. We joke around until we get there.

Fans are outside and we all wave, stop to take pictures, and sign autographs. I see a girl who looks to be about ten getting pushed up against the railing by the older girls. I stop and walk over.

"Take a step back!" The fans scream, but do as I told them. I reach my hand down and help the girl.

"Th-Thanks." She stutters. I nod.

"Hey, would you like to come with us?" I ask.

The girl nods, her eyes brightening. I pick her up and take her hand. The boys wait for me at the door.

"What are you doing?" Calum hisses to me quietly.

"I had to help her. She was getting crushed by other fans." I tell him quietly.

Calum looks looks at me, then her, then back at me. "Fine. But if we get asked, you're answering the questions."

I nod, not saying anything else. As we head up to where the interview is taking place, no one asks who the girl is and why she's following us.

We finish the interview and then head back to the hotel to pack up. I watch Ashton pack.

"You're going to forget something one day by waiting until the last second." Ashton says without looking up.

"I haven't yet and I won't anytime time soon." I state. "When do we head for the airport?"

"Ten minutes."

I nod. I check Twitter and Instagram, liking, commenting, and retweeting on some. With a couple minutes left, I just throw the stuff in my suitcase and zip it up.

Ashton looks at me and shakes his head, amused. A knock comes and Ashton answers while I'm hunting the rokm to make sure I have everything.

"Wow Michael. I hope that whoever you end up with will teach you that last minute packing is bad." Calum says.

I give him the finger, not wantig to deal with it. How did I lose my phone already? I just had it a few seconds ago! I start throwing my suitcase open after checking the bathroom and the drawers in the room.

"Michael! What are you doing?" Luke asks walking in.

"Lost my phone!" I exclaim.

"Didn't you have it before though?" Ashton asks me.

"Yeah. Then I lost it." I say.

"Seriously Mikey? How does one lose a phone that quick?" Ashton asks. "Don't answer. One of you, call Michael."

Calum takes his phone out and calls while Luke takes his out to text me. Ashton helps me look for it. We hear it go off and they all glare at me. I look at them sheepishly.

"We tore your suitcase apart when you had it in your pocket the entire time?" Ashton asks, clearly frustrated.

"Sorry?" I ask.

The guys look at me before helping me put my suitcase back together. We head down in silence. That wasn't the first time I made us late to the airport. Maybe I should start packing earlier than doing it at the last second...

When we get to the airport, fans are everywhere. We take pictures and sign autographs while trying to get to our flight on time. While waiting for our flight to get announced, we spend more time with the fans. We all act as cheery as we can.

"Come on guys. Are you really going to be mad at me?" I ask when we board.

"Michael! You made us look for your phone when you had it in your pocket! How does one not know they have a phone in their pocket?" Luke says.

"Don't tell us you knew it was there and wanted to pull that for fun." Calum adds in a warning voice.

"I didn't know it was there!" I exclaim.

"Come on guys. We're holding people up." Ashton says. He pushes us along and we board the plane. The plane ride is silent between us, making it twice as long. We're headed back to Australia since we're recording since the tour doesn't start until May 4th.

We land and security guards are holding the fans back as we get off. We sign the autographs and take pictures. I can tell that all of our smiles are fake. Once through, we head to our different cars that are waiting for us.


Wow, really bad short poopy chapter. I just wanted to get chapter two up after a really long wait. I do read the comments and that helps, but I just had really bad writer's block. If you aren't following me, I posted a schedule. Starting in August, I'll be posting updates to this on Sundays. Until August, it will be random updates.

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