This Love


3. Three

Taylor's POV

It's been a few months since I met the guys and Michael and I have been talking, which is hard to do. He's in recording and trying to put a tour together while I'm trying to put together my Bad Blood music video and work on the tour. We agreed that when our tours are in the same area and if one of us isn't performing the night the other does, we'd do a special guest, something I've always done.

"Taylor! Ready to get beat by FrostBite?" Lily asks. She comes up to me in her awesome white outfit.

"Sure." I say, laughing. We head over to the set and the director tells us about what he's looking for in this scene. We nod and try it out. It takes a couple tries, but we actually get it on the fifth one. The sixth is where we try and record it.

After this scene, we're done for the day. We finish up and then change.

"Tay, did you really write it about Katy?" Gigi asks me.

"I don't kiss and tell." I tell her.

"What are you doing later?" She asks me.

"Going on a date with Calvin." I tell her.

"You two are so adorbale together! Have fun!" Gigi tells me before leaving.

I walk to my car and wait for Selena. We're hanging out before Calvin comes to pick me up. While waiting, I text Michael.

Hey Mikey. What's up?

Taylor! Save me from this boring meeting I'm in right now!

I laugh. I can actually picture him texting during this meeting. Pay attention. Text me when you're done.

:( But you're fun to talk to. Anyway, it's about to be done soon. :)

"Hey T. Texting Mikey?" Selena asks. She's been wanting me to break up with Calvin, saying something doesn't feel right about him. She keeps saying that Michael and I are cute. I don't know. I only see him as a friend.

"Sel, it's not going to happen between us. Calvin and I are happy together." I tell her. Selena doesn't say anything. I know that she's been acting strange lately, but I just ignore it. "Sel, something's up. Ever since I met Michael, you've been acting strange. Is everything fine?" I ask.

"Yeah." Selena tells me. I can tell she's lying.

"Sel, you're lying. What's wrong?" I ask her. I pull into the driveway and look at her. "You can come to me Sel. You know that."

"Taylor, Calvin isn't right for you. He's hiding something. I can feel it. I'm just trying to protect you." Selena tells me.


"I know. We had this conversation before, but something's off about him. He comes in like he's prince charming and maybe he is, but he could also be the villian. He could be like Hans from Frozen." Selena tells me.

"Frozen? Seriously?" I ask her.

"What? It's Frozen." Selena tells me.

I shake my head. "Come on." We get out and head inside. Meredith comes running up to me and I pick her up. "Where's Dibbles?" I ask Mere even though I know she won't answer. I place Meredith down and we head to the kitchen. After washing our hands, we decide to make cookies. Chocolate chip of course.

We talk about random things while we cook. While waiting, we turn the TV on to one of our favorite shows, Grey's Anatomy. We both talk about each of the characters as they come up. I actually got Sel hooked on this show, so you can thank me. When the cookies are done, I head to the kitchen and take them out. After letting them cool down, I then put them on a plate and bring them out with some water.

We eat and watch. When it's time, Sel has me get ready. I come out, showing her. I chose a light blue crop top with a matching skirt with nude heels and a nude purse. For make up, I went with a natural look, of course with my signature red lipstick.

"Taylor! You look awesome!" Selena says. She gives me a hug. When someone knocks, Selena winks at me before grabbing her stuff. "Don't hurt her."

Calvin comes in and I smile. "Ready?" I nod. We walk out, after making sure the door's locked.

"Where are we going?" I ask as he drives.

"It's a surprise." He tells me.

I groan. He knows I hate surprises. We talk and then before I know it, we're there.


"I'll call tomorrow." Calvin says. I nod. He kisses my cheek before leaving. I close the door. Why does Selena not like him? She used to think we were cute together. There's nothing wrong with our relationship. Not that I know of anyway. He's a great guy, someone I can see myself with.

My phone goes off with a FaceTime from Michael. I answer.

"Taylor! We haven't seen each other in awhile!" Michael says.

"When you said you needed space." I say. Hey, he fell in it.

Michael looks confused.

"We Are Never Getting Back Together, Red album. Check it out." Someone says in the background, who I assume is Calum, but I don't know.

"Wow Michael. If we're going to work together for a song, we'd be needing to know each other styles'." I tell him. "I already know yours and I have to admit, I'm a fan."

"Woah. Guys, did you hear that? The Taylor Swift is a fan of our stuff!" Michael exclaims.

"Hey Taylor. Michael here gets excited over the weirdest things just as a warning for the future if you didn't know." A blonde hair boy says, who I think is Ashton. Wow, I have a bad memory for remembering people.

"I do not get excited over the weirdest things!" Michael exclaims.

"Sure you don't." I think Ashton says. "Luke! Calum! Doesn't Michael get excited over the weirdest things?" Ashton yells.

Luke comes on the screen. "Hey Taylor, and yes, he does." Luke says, looking at Michael when he says that.

"I don't! Taylor, we may not know each other that well, but do I?" Michael asks me.

"Sorry Mike, but you do." I tell him, giggling a little. Michael looks at me, shocked, like I do when 'Asryn' betrays me in my Bad Blood video.

"Taylor! We had a Twitter conversation! We're Twitter BFF's!" Michael complains.

"Sorry Mikey, but it's true! You freak out over the weirdest things like I freak out over cats." I tell him. At the mention of cats, Olivia and Meredith come up to me. They jump onto my bed and enter the screen.

The guys look confused. "Did you train them to do that?" Calum asks who finally joined the conversatio .

"No! I may think about cats on stage and at weird times and did a Diet Coke ad with cats around me, but I didn't train them to do that." I say.

"Which ones which?" Luke asks.

"Lucas, they look nothing alike. The all white one is Olivia and the grey and white one is Meredith. Right?" Calum says.

I nod. We talk for a few more minutes before they have to leave. I shower and get dressed for bed, but first checking my social media.


The next day, I groan when my alarm goes off. I know that today though, we're just doing final touches on the performances for the tour. I get out of bed, saying hi to Meredith and Olivia.

After breakfast and changing into shorts and a crop top. I head over to where we're practicing and walk in. I say hi to the dancers and do some vocal warm ups. They got used to them, especially the one where I start to meow like a cat.

After a couple minutes, we start. To save my voice, we used recordings. Tomorrow's the last day of doing my Bad Blood video and then I'm flying to Japan.Two days. Two days until my 1989 World Tour starts. Saying I'm excited is an understatement. I love my fans and they're my longest relationship with anyone, besides my family, that I have.

I head home when rehearsal's done. Just as I walk in, my phone goes off with another FaceTime from Michael.

"Hey Michael." I say.

"When can we do it?" Michael asks.

I look at the schedule Michael sent me. "I can't do the first two weeks, but I should be able to after." I tell him.

"Great! Oh, and the guys and I have something to say." Michael says. The screen shakes and all I see is black and voices.

"Hey Taylor. We were wondering if we could take two of our songs and combine them." Calum says.

"Which two?" I ask.

"Blank Space or Shake It Off with Good Girls or 18. Doesn't have to be those songs though." Luke says.

I think about it. I go through a list of songs that I won't do on this tour unless it's a surprise song. "All Too Well and Amnesia?"

Ashton goes on his phone and brings All Too Well up. They listen to it and Calum starts to sing the Amnesia lyrics quietly.

"That sounds awesome!" Luke exclaims halfway through. "We have a song!"

Michael comes back. "What did I miss?"

"A song. All Too Well with Amnesia." Calum says.

"Nice." Michael says.

We continue talking until the guys have to leave to do whatever guys do.

I start texting Karlie and Cara. Cara's hanging out with Natt, who I totally ship her with, but she refuses to believe it.

I head off to my room where I start to pack. After all, I leave tomorrow after we finish the video.

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